Workflow Streamlining

If you run a business, you know how easy it is to get caught up on tasks or to fall behind on orders. With Workflow Streamlining, we'll clean up your work process.

Still booking in with clients through phone calls and notepad? It's time to upgrade with YellowScribe. We'll get you set up with our Wix Booking System, and connect your Google Calendar to the Wix Bookings.

You'll automatically send confirmation emails to clients, and can receive bookings through this system. They  just need to find your website. This is where Workflow Streaming joins with our Active Client Search Scheme, where we contact people we know will be interested in your company and actively embark on the task of getting more customers.

Active Client Search will be useful with your booking system since you can provide a call to action linking directly to your bookings form. Make it easy for your customers to book in with you.

You can then download the Wix app and access all of this information on your workflow.