Yellow Scribe’s team is like no other…

Yellow Scribe is a publishing company based in the UK with staff across the globe

If you work/have worked for Yellow Scribe you’ll know that the welcoming process is so relaxed it doesn’t even feel like you’re entering a company, but more of a large circle of friends (and you get paid for it). But for the individuals not lucky enough to join Yellow Scribe as an employee, you have no clue how awesome it is in our group chats.

The volumes of support, love and collaboration between Yellow Scribe’s team members is motivating to say the least. Let’s hear some of what our staff have to say to their newly welcomed members…

Kaitlyn Pibernik, Managing Director

Kaitlyn says…

Welcome to our awesome company! You can message me whenever you run into any issues, and I’m always online on Instagram for any onboarding/training help.

I hope you enjoy your new job, because I’m happy to have you.

Fairouz ElBarakawy, Book Technician

Fairouz says…

Hey there, it’s Fairouz – a writing advisor and career coach for young entrepreneurs.

I’m so glad you made the great decision to join us; I really believe you have potential.

You can help Yellow scribe by contributing your expertise, and you’ll grow and expand both mentally and intellectually.

Nawaf AlMahdi, Team Lead

Nawaf says…

Hi! I’m Nawaf! Welcome to Yellow Scribe! I’m the publications project manager, editor, and co-host of the writing podcast. I co-manage employees, projects, submissions and competitions.

Afrah Bari, Team Lead

Afrah says…

Hey there! Welcome to our team! I am so excitedto have you on board.

Here at Yellow Scribe, we are a family, we joke around,and have tonnes of fun but we still get our work done on time. You will not regret this incredible experience!

Feel free to ask me for help at any given time.

Yellow Scribe is a publishing company, and it was established in Summer of 2017. Since that summer, we have been expanding our team of passionate book experts to create the Yellow Scribe you see today.

Our coaches will take you through your selected course with ease, comfort, and without a bump in the road. We’ve done this hundreds of times before, so you can rest assured that you will get the service you deserve. Publish your book with Yellow Scribe today! Read about our coaches here…

We’ve got three bundles, click on our ‘shop’ tab to give them a read…

If you’re a member of our community, join our Writers Support Group on Facebook! it’s free and full of info which is updated daily!

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