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“Yellow Scribe is a company to the recluse, a friend to the lonely, and a mentor to the needy!”

- The Laconic Writer

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. Now, we’re not just here to help you write but also to help with the stationing and development of your company. So, don’t hesitate to approach us either for book publishing or brand management of your company!

Branding And How It Works!

Branding can be considered that special recognition stamp that allots a genuine view towards your company. By creating a brand, there are higher chances of gaining popularity as your business flourishes. A brand encompasses your company and its services thereby making it easily identifiable. For instance, Yellow Scribe the name itself explains the services our company would entail. Scribe meaning To Write. So, of course we are here to help you write which in itself opens the windows to other interesting services within the writing process offered by us which later compels you to check our site and find out! So, that is exactly how branding works. In short, you can consider the brand as something that feeds the curiosity of consumers. Also, that is exactly why the name of a specific brand holds significance because it should explain your company and its services in a single word. This is a complex task for which one must occupy as much time as possible so that your brand receives recognition. Also, choosing to come up with the right type of services that the mob would be pleased with is another factor holding utmost importance because that determines the audience you would receive for your brand!

Well, these tasks are to be done before launching your brand. But what to do after the brand is out? How to advertise it and gain customers?

We have designed some interesting packages for you which could support your business. The packages however, have been designed with special consideration of all our lovely future clients out there! These packages ensure sheer support for not only publishing your book but also helping with the marketing process of it which is so essential. I can imagine myself weeping at the thought of parting with my book as it hits the stores but at the same time, being buoyant that it shall gain popularity and love from my dear readers!

Anyway, holding back my tears, I shall now discuss the newly found amazing packages which shall definitely impress you!

Note: These are fruity packages and if your mouth waters while reading about them, you are free to leave halfway to grab the fruit and quench your hunger! ;)

1. The Peach Package

This is a Self - Publishing package. Those of you who aren’t acquainted with Self - Publishing, it is one of the two types of publishing wherein your book is published by you and no publisher intervenes in the process. The profit by the sales of your book solely belongs to you as opposed to vanity publishing which includes a publisher. We help you self publish your book. This package here makes you encounter surplus even before your precious book gains its share of profits.

Surplus in the form of 5 x copies of your book, the Yellow Scribe exclusive journal kit containing a notepad, pen and stickers which shall act as dainty motivational objects encouraging you to write. Book formatting, proofreading, editing shall of course be the part of your Self - Publishing journey as we ensure the top rated quality of your book. Lastly, Advertising Help (1 month marketing plan) is provided for your book as it now is matured enough to get its own set of readers! Let me now answer that question which would have firstly approached your mind. The Price, right? Well, the price shall be on the Quote Basis. We charge 15 pounds for an hour! Choose the number of hours with us! The More Hours you choose, the More Fun Guaranteed with our Writing Ace CEO!

2. The Pineapple Lite Package!

This package provides a lite experience for selling and marketing your book. This is a Marketing Package! You can consider this as a supporting hand to your new born book which needs to stand on its own feet in the market!

We provide Website Audit wherein you could add on website designing or development for 15 pounds per hour. Social media configuration and optimization is included. Logo design or redesign assistance provided which would create a good impression on the viewers that visit your site. After all, “First Impression Is the Last Impression”. We prefer upholding your reputation or image in the market by resorting to provide the best we can. A tailored marketing plan for the same has been introduced as well which also comes with a professionally written copy for marketing. These clever marketing plans are created for our dear clients who whack their brains so hard for their books and need to retain benefits in the form of sales. The price of the package with all of the above services amounts to 199 pounds. Pocket friendly, isn’t it? Well then, we can’t wait to see you there!

3. The Lychee Package!

Lychee? Drooling already? Wait, till I reveal the services provided in this package! This package does everything you need to get your book on the shelves.

Now should your mouth water because here your book receives total assistance and push towards the arena. We provide formatting in E – Book as well as Paperback. Proves our flexibility for our dear clients. Okay! We have no intention of bragging whatsoever but clear and noble intention of support. Beta reading with analysis provided wherein we analyze your book, its data, and the structuring, the report of which shall be sent straight to your inbox. Proofreading and editing involved. Professionally designed full cover spread for your book. We design your book covers with love and ensure that the png, pdf, or jpg format of it reaches straight in your inbox. Client catchups formulated every Tuesday to discuss important issues related to the book. Consider it, an important Digital conference which decides the future of your book! Good news is that you could add on the Pineapple lite package here for selling and marketing help! Price of the above mentioned services, all clubbed in a lucrative deal is 700 pounds.

What are you waiting for? Get into these packages before it is too late!

4. The Cherry Package!

Cherries! Before you, I can sense myself drooling over them but I can’t leave to cherish them before I explain the package to you! This package is related to your company’s upgrade from website design to a full rebrand.

This package includes website creation/ development for your special company to come into existence digitally. Estimated time for this is 20 hours. We indulge in social media branding and configuration which improves the status of your company when taken into careful consideration which of course, we shall be delving into when you embark upon this journey with us. Client Catchups every Tuesday included here as well. Now, social media marketing is essential because it displays you, your work, and your company and nobody would want to compromise with their image in the market. So, we provide Social media post designing, captioning, and scheduling for a month to help you gain popularity! However, if you have any queries or issues which need fixing, then we have come up with a solution to that as well. Whatsapp communication 24/7 is guaranteed to our dear clients who can, without hesitation put forth their views and issues which we shall resolve to detangle for you! Now what if your company needs a good logo? Don’t worry, we provide Logo and colour palette audit/redesign. Price would be Quote Basis. 15 pounds per hour. Guaranteed fun, remember! We have thus, all the necessary solutions and strategies planned to make a caterpillar bloom into a butterfly!

5. The Apple Package!

Not all of our lovely readers would be apple lovers because it is usually meant to keep the doctor away and nobody, practically nobody wants to be reminded of diseases. But just to let you know, this package isn’t sick. The services will make you drool on the fruit for the first time! ;)

Related to marketing, this is a comprehensive biz communications service billed monthly wherein we design a newsletter for your site out of which a monthly newsletter copy shall be sent to your audience. This will improve your reputation thereby attracting more and more subscribers who would someday be interested customers! Promotion on our platforms and marketing on your Instagram story shall be undertaken by us. The Month’s posts designed, scheduled, and captioned for all major platforms. You can, I suppose, already sense the benefits involved, as the apple fruit is now gradually mesmerizing you! Whatsapp communication 24/7 included. Story templates and colour palette for marketing continuity. Extra graphic design projects included for branding expansion. As clearly visible, we try to make your marketing experience memorable and ensure that you receive complete satisfaction with us!

If these packages didn't interest you, then what will? Approach Us Promptly And Get In The Queue. Get Publishing! Get Marketing!

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