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“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

  1. Ernest Hemingway

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article discusses when you can write.

People come up with many excuses in order to avoid writing. They try to procrastinate the writing process by coming up with such questions and doubts, the answers to which are mostly unavailable. This makes it easier for them to avoid writing since it mostly poses as a rhetorical question, as no answer is born out of it!

Today, however, I will be providing the answer to this question through a step by step approach.

“When Can I Write?”

There isn’t any fixed time period for writing. This ‘schedule’ of when to write has been set up by your mind. Feel free to begin writing at any time of the day. Be it at 4am or 4pm!

“I Am Too Old To Write.”

Age too doesn’t matter when it comes to writing. The age barrier wasn’t pre- existensial. It was created by you! Feel free to jot down anything, be you 18, 50 or 90 years old!

“I Am Travelling. I Can’t Write.”

Place doesn’t matter when you write. Even if you are away from your home town, you can always carry a diary for journaling your thoughts every single day! While travelling, you tend to feel bored. That is the time to pluck your notebook out and begin writing almost anything.

“I am so busy the entire day.”

Some people have an excuse of being busy the whole day. For this, I would suggest that you put away your chores for some time and visit your dearest notebook for at least five minutes and write anything that you can think of! After all, one doesn’t possibly get time, one literally has to resort to time management by fighting with the clock and have the will to initiate one’s favourite task!

“I Can’t Write Three To Four Pages Every day.”

As far as the excuse of word limit is concerned, there isn’t any compulsion of writing three to four pages daily! You could resort to writing one liners or two liners as well! Do not stress over the process. Writing is a feeling. Love it, and it will love you back!

“Why Should I Write?”

For people, who question why they should write? My answer to them is that writing is something that helps ease the burden of your brain which probably floods with the umpteen thoughts it is bombarded with, daily! Jot down your thoughts and let your brain heave a sigh of relief! Some thoughts of yours could be precious, the ones which you probably never thought of, earlier! By writing, you ensure their permanent existence for you, so that your favourite thoughts don’t abandon you ever!

“I Am Not A Professional, So I Can’t Write.”

Anybody can write. So, people who feel that they aren’t professionals in the field of writing, have an erroneous opinion. Writing doesn’t require expertise (as long as you write for yourself). This excuse too, is invalid.

“Writing Is An Inferior Job.”

Some people consider writing an inferior job or task. This is to let them know, that firstly no matter what task we choose to perform, it never is inferior. Every task has its own specialty which is probably hidden from our view. Secondly Writing is an art, a creativity that is a blessing and a gift from the divine. By judging its inferiority, you insult an art form, which again isn’t a very strong excuse to be given!

What If I Write And Somebody Discovers My Diary?”

If you fear that your write – ups may be discovered by somebody and that makes you avoid the process, then please do not fret. You can always store your notebook at a place alien to others or perhaps lock your notebook away in a cupboard with the keys jingling in your pockets! In short, I am trying to state that every excuse and every problem has a solution. One just needs to figure it out, and simplify the situation!

Thus, I would conclude stating that every excuse is meaningless. One just needs to have the will to begin a task. Excuses arise when a person wishes to avoid something. However, if you don’t wish to avoid a task and still come up with excuses, then maybe you didn’t have the answer or solution to tackle the questions lurking in your head. I am sure that this article would help you begin writing wholeheartedly! Your avocation is awaiting you! All the very best!

“My inspiration tends to come from two words. The two most important words to a writer: What if?”

  1. Beth Revis

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