Why Should You Forward Domains?

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

- Oscar Wilde

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In the previous article, the importance of building your website was mentioned. Let me reiterate that with the help of Oscar’s quote as given above. Let’s interpret that quote in a different sense. Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Create your own platform in life because every other platform is occupied. Making it more specific, create your own website because no other website is going to advertise your company and its services because they are all taken. You are the one who is responsible for the future of your precious company!

Now, let us get to an element of the website. The element without which your website wouldn’t be easily accessible because it forms the address also called as the URL. Yes, you guessed it right! The Domain Name.

A domain name is further subdivided into two parts; the website name and the domain name extension. For instance, Wix.com where the website name as visible is Wix while .com is the domain name extension (also called as Top Level Domain). When a company or person purchases a domain name, they are able to specify which server the domain name points to. This is the backbone to any website without which the formation of it is incomplete. You can’t possibly create a website without a domain because the URL or the Link in simple words, is what you tend to share with people when wanting them to visit your site. Thus, it can be considered as oxygen to your website!

However, what exactly is domain forwarding and why should you invest in that?

Domain forwarding is applicable when you are an ardent fan of creating several websites at a time and have multiple domains as a consequence! You judge the website with highest traffic and wish that you hadn’t created so many domains and websites. But what if, we tell you that domain forwarding as a process comes with a solution to this problem?

Domain forwarding is a simple way of directing the ample domains to a single website. For instance, if you have created several sites of your company, let us call it X. The domains are as follows: X.com, XC.com, XB.com, XH.com and so on but the highest traffic is acquired by X.com and you feel the need to eliminate the unnecessary domains now. However, instead of doing that, you could utilize those domains for your benefit. Best out of Waste, of course! Domain forwarding in simple words, directs people to X.com even if they type XC.com or XB.com in their search bar. So, high traffic is maintained on X.com. Similar is the case with Facebook. It has multiple domains directed to the main site which ensures the direction of traffic in a systematic manner to the same platform!

Thus, you can consider that domain forwarding includes a main site and many subordinate sites out of which you are expected to choose the main site on the basis of traffic attained on each of them. Referring to the above example, since X.com has more traffic as compared to the other subordinate sites, it has been held at high regard and considered the main site! Thus, investing in domain forwarding helps gain traffic on the major site and includes systematic direction of people towards it! A hike in sales too can be expected with the increasing amount of traffic to the major site.

Companies like Facebook and Amazon have multiple misspelled domains as well that direct eventually to facebook.com and Amazon.com respectively so that the explorers don’t lose their track of the main website! Sometimes, people mistakenly tend to misspell the domain name of a certain site. In that case, to ensure them checking out your main site, you forward your domain to the possible spelling errors people might make. This too requires some amount of research. Google Auto Complete is a good source of knowing the blunders! Abbreviations and keywords too could be used because people normally tend to avoid typing massive names in that dainty search bar!

Misspelled Domains of Amazon!

Not only that, Domain forwarding is also useful to connect your domain to a social media page which is all the more essential in today’s digital world where social media has held the world closely together. Social media is where people interact and learn more about you. We can say that social media and websites go hand in hand. We can easily trust the genuineness of a website with a social media account because we feel relieved of receiving some information about them. Websites do the same, but are meant to advertise our services as a company!

But how to forward your domain? Need help with that but nobody to approach to? Can’t trust online sources? No worries! We guarantee our genuineness and offer domain forwarding as a service. We charge 30 pounds per domain! We know the ins and outs of domains, DNS, forwarding, redirecting, and everything else. Thus, ranging from publishing to website designing and domain issues, we are here to help you with everything! Your trust and our commitment to high quality services shall move together!

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