Why Go For Google Configuration?

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

- Wendy Piersall

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Let me not again start with the importance of recognition in branding as it already has been discussed in the earlier articles. Let’s start with an interesting example. Imagine, that you have published your first book but now you don’t want it to remain with you forever, that’s obvious because you wrote it with heavy readership expectation. What do you do? Of course, you approach social media platforms and try advertising your book everywhere or create your own website and flash your lovely piece there. Why do you do all this? Because, you want your book to gain recognition. I know, we have somehow reached to the exact same point as earlier but I chose an interesting way to propagate that!

Now, imagine your company in the exact scenario. Even if your company is a concrete structure or a building containing its own set of employees, you will feel the need to flash it online to drag consumers towards you be it by hook or by crook, in person or online, you just want consumers to contact you regarding your services so they find you genuine for a collaboration. You want to create a sense of transparency and indulge into an amicable relationship with them. Don’t forget, that amiable relationship is one of the factors with the propensity to drag consumers towards you!

Google configuration follows the same ideology- Recognition! Google configuration is a service that entails the creation of a profile on google business being created and verified so that your company appears when somebody searches for it.

SEO is an important platform today because prompt solutions to problems is just a click away! SEO works on the basis of relevance and the sites that hit the top of the search results acquired that position on the basis of the problem just typed in that dainty search bar! The most relevant solution found in a particular site ranks higher. SEO also works on the basis of authority which includes the number of internal links and external (backlinks) that are provided. Backlinks are the links used across google by other sites to refer to your site! More backlinks, more authority, since google now considers you superior enough to be highly relevant! Biased, isn’t it? But that’s how things work on SEO. Also, it is mostly due to the competition or ‘website war’ on google. Every website wants to hit the top of the search results. Thus, though all companies and websites follow invisibility due to the internet, the competition can’t be abrogated. Instead, it becomes stronger on SEO.

A lot of research is vital to get yourself on SEO, of course of your competitors: How many backlinks your competitors have? How much traffic they receive? How do they receive traffic? Which keywords to use for your website? How to design content around your keywords? Title tags, Importance of Meta Description, Using attractive visuals for your site, creating a good URL for your site! These ensure you get to the top of the search results. Later, collecting reviews regarding the functioning of your company too is essential because feedbacks, be they criticism, applause, or constructive criticism, have the ability to give you a earshot on your Achilles heel which on the whole helps you improve!

Oooff! Sounds tedious, doesn’t it? What if we lend you a helping hand towards this? After all, we have a friendly approach towards each and every problem and have thus, introduced Google Configuration as a service to detangle and shorten the research process for you! We will help you get to the top of the search results with a verified profile on Google Business, a reputed platform allowing you to collect reviews. Receive your google reviews link from Yellow Scribe and share it with all your past and present customers! Also, as a part of the Brand Management approach, we shall contact your past and present clients to collect reviews for you!

Doesn’t that make your tasks way too easier? It does, right! That mundane list of tasks would have driven you crazy but that is the reality. Complete research is pivotal to get in the good books of google! We are here to relieve you of this burden and are just a ‘text message’ away! Get in touch with us on Instagram!

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Hurry! DM us and get your spot reserved. You don’t want hindrances in the branding of your precious company which sure deserves recognition and support!

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