Who Can Write?

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”

  1. Isaac Asimov

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article answers this doubt which most of the people have regarding writing. Who exactly can write?

Writing is a thought process that just can’t wait to get itself out on paper. It eases the burden of your mind which basically gets flooded with all those thoughts you tend to have the entire day! Thinking is a natural human tendency which can’t meet its cessation. Your mind never does rest. That is the reason, the concept of sound sleep has been incorporated in human life. Sound sleep makes your brain healthier and invokes creativity which is definitely the most important factor when it comes to writing!

In this article, I will be discussing the people who can write through a step by step approach.

Are You An Artist?

If you are an artist, a painter, a doodle artist or maybe even an actor, then you can write, of course since writing in itself is an art. Some people consider writing a difficult job but no matter what task you take up in life, practice is essential in order to gain expertise in it. We, as humans have the capacity to learn almost anything. However, our interest factor and the habit of considering other tasks ‘too difficult’ gets in the way!

Doctor? Yes, You Too Can Write!

Even if you are a doctor or veterinarian, you are given the authority to write. Do not worry about your handwriting. You can always write for yourself without disclosing it to the world.

Engineer? Uhmmm…..Go Ahead!

If you are an engineer, then too you may write. After all, you must have become habituated to writing those lengthy answers in college! So, writing in your free time won’t be a tedious task for you!

Businessmen Are Welcome Too!

Businessmen too can write. You just need the will to begin. Writing is a vast concept which could range from lengthy essays and stories to short writing prompts, to – do lists, occurrences of the day and what not.

Teacher? Oh Yes, Certainly!

A teacher can write. After all, writing on the blackboard must have made you well – acquainted with the process. You could always begin writing anything while relaxing on your couch!

Officer! Command!

If you are an officer, then you could simultaneously be a writer as well. Jotting down the daily occurrences of your life and then reading them in your free time would definitely make your day!

Librarian? Of Course, Why Not?

A librarian can write. Being surrounded by books all day would definitely persuade you to write. Books have a magical aura which can be felt only by intense book lovers. They emanate positivity and lure you towards them.

Everyone Can Write!

The list of occupations is endless and thus, all of them can’t be noted down here. Thus, the message given here is that every occupation can write. No matter what, occupation you own, writing is an art. A way of putting your thoughts out on paper. People find it difficult because they are unable to come up with creativity. However, that doesn’t matter as long as you aren’t planning to publish a book and show your write-ups to the world. The only thing you need to do is just enable the will to begin writing. Who knows, you might attain creative imagination and fall in love with writing as time flies?

Thus, I would conclude stating that no matter what post you hold or what occupation you carry, writing is a simple process which just awaits your will. After all, what does it demand? Just a piece of paper or your laptop and your fingers pressing against the medium and of course your thought processes which have already entered your brain as guests and are now waiting to move out! The suppression of your thoughts can be imagined as guests who are forcefully expected to remain where they are and aren’t permitted to leave. Won’t the guests be upset? Similarly, your thought process could go wild and that’s the reason maybe people experience head ache. So, what are you waiting for? Begin writing and let your thoughts fly!

“Step into a scene and let it drop from your fingertips.”

  1. MJ Bush

P.S. Due to the transfer of our domain, we had to discontinue the posts for a couple of days! Apologies from our side! However, now we resume the regular postings, so remember to stay tuned!

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