Who Can Create A Website?

“Website’s promote you 24/7. No employee would do that.”

- Paul Cookson

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Today, we shall be discussing who exactly can create a website. However, we aren’t taking specific people or personalities or professions into consideration because anyone can create a website. Who as in what are the requirements for creating a website shall be discussed. So, let us begin.

A Company Or Brand!

Sounds basic, doesn’t it? But this is the first requirement of a person holding a possession which needs advertisement. Your company or brand needs recognition and a stable address which we term as the URL for people to access anytime. It should contain calls to action like subscribing to your site or your contact number, email address, links to your social media profiles where people could text you for further queries. I understand that all of these things could be incorporated on your social media profiles but just to let you know, social media is used to advertise your services while a website is used to advertise your brand or company effectively. Try as you might, any brand on social media doesn’t grab your attention unless it has a website to prove its genuineness.

Before introducing the second point, I would like to highlight the distinction between websites and blogs. websites are static platforms wherein content can’t be updated while blogs as we all know, can include several new topics for people to go through every single time. Blogs can be websites thus, but websites can’t turn into blogs. Companies mostly opt for blogging sites because through the medium of interesting free content, it is easier to lure more customers to the site. By advertising and flashing the free content updates on social media, you compel people to visit the site and check it out which further makes them explore the site as well. That is exactly why, the quality of free content matters so much!

Also, static websites are for individuals providing a single service. For instance, selling handmade sweets or jewelry. Companies however, should choose blogging websites because of the multitude of services offered which can’t be summed up in a static website. Also, even if a company begins with a single service, there is a huge possibility that the amount of services could increase with time because a company has to consider the desires and needs of the mob to launch and market their services. Free content explaining the services can work wonders in alluring ample amount of interested customers!

Now that you know the difference, let us move to the second point.

An Entrepreneur!

Yes, you don’t have to be a company to create a website. As long as you are into sales, feel free to embark on the web journey without hesitation because google doesn’t discriminate between Companies and sellers! However, websites promote and encourage branding. So, if you are planning to brand your commodities then set a website up and provide a brand name that describes your business. If not, then social media should be enough.

A Writer!

Keeping companies and sellers aside, this one is for writers. It is quintessential for writers to create their own site especially, a blogging site. The advantage is that your work is noticed, instant branding assigned that is the authority of the content solely passes on to you, and employment opportunities are possible. Of course, one musn’t ignore social media which is a necessity today without which websites or blogs receive little recognition. Advertise your blog posts on social media, provide the link to your blog, and bob’s your uncle, you’re done! Social media increases employment opportunities because of your current status – Blogger which you set on social media. Companies check your blog out and if your content strikes a chord with them, you never know, a reputed company might hire you as their content writer! So, what are you waiting for? Set up your website now!

Social Service!

If you are into social service and need fund raising then feel free to create your own site. A blogging site should help. Another point to remember is that, if you are selling a commodity then static websites can do the job but if you are indulging into services, then blogging sites should be on the forefront to explain them. There is a thin line distinction thus, between the sales of products and services. Of course, one has to consider the needs and desires of consumers for both but the explanation is what differs. Products can be explained in brief while services need full - fledged explanatory notes that would create an impact on the audience to get in touch with you and try it.

Thus, social service demands fund raising and isn’t selling its services. So, blogging to explain the reasons for people to invest in you creates a deeper sense of trust. Why should they help? Is your social service programme genuine? Is the help genuine? Where can they know more about this helping expedition of yours? Answer these questions in your blog and gain magnified trust!

Hope this article helped! Do you fall in either of these categories? Of course you would, because business and sales are now a part and parcel of our lives. But how to create a website? Is this question troubling you? No worries!

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