When Should You Publish Your Book?

“As a writer, you try to listen to what others aren’t saying…and write about the silence.

  1. N.R. Hart

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article talks about the right time to publish a book! The answer is obvious, once the book is ready, of course. But when exactly does a book become ready? We shall be discussing that in today’s article.

Writing a Novel or a Book sure requires complete dedication, focus and patience. Writing also requires your interest levels. So, when you decide to write, make sure your mind, body and soul get engaged in it! This applies specially when resorting to get into the world of authors. Every task, let alone writing, requires your love for it, for its successful completion. The joy of completing an entire book cannot be expressed in words! Only an author can have those overwhelming emotions! So, the next time, you see an author dancing away merrily in his room, don’t consider him a lunatic. Perhaps, he has successfully completed his book and is glad of his work! Also, it will be great if you choose to never criticize or mock his work, because making one’s mind race and coming up with interesting stories for you, isn’t an easy job!

Anyway, getting back to the topic, I will be discussing when you should publish your book through a step by step approach!

Is Your Story Captivating?

When your story is intriguing and flawless, it becomes ready for the publication process. So, ensure that you check your manuscript thoroughly and make the necessary changes.

Is Your Vocabulary Fluent?

Check on your vocabulary. Your words need to be polite and slightly humorous. When your story fulfills this agenda, it becomes ready for publication.

Has Your Story Been Flavoured?

Include flavours of different human attributes and attitudes throughout the story. This ensures that on the scale of 1 to 10, the interest level would be, at the most 9 (for the readers). For instance, include anger, action, fright, cuteness and other personalities in the story and make it ready for publication.

Does The Book Describe Your Characters Veraciously?

Does your book include all the necessary data and description of your characters? If not, then give it a check and add it for good! Remember to add facial features of your characters so as to get your readers imagine that particular character.

Is Your Conclusion Apt?

Check on your conclusion. Is it appropriate and realistic? Give it a check and change it since, the future of a story completely depends on its ending.

Is Your Beginning Interesting?

Is your beginning catchy? If not, then try to change it as well. It is advisable to not begin with ‘Once upon a time’ since that is an ancient and boring way of beginning a story. Adopt the modern techniques of abrupt beginnings for modern readers.

What About Your Supporting Characters?

If you are using too many supporting characters then check whether each character has been assigned his or her task in the story correctly. Make sure, you don’t mess up with the names and the tasks of respective characters. Also, don’t incorporate fictional names or the ones with wrong spellings. That foils your reputation. Check this out, and then your book is ready!

Is Your Story On The Right Track?

Check whether your story is on the right track throughout or whether it has gone astray in the midst. Have you forgotten to unravel the secret of one or more characters? Then please do so. Don’t leave it a mystery throughout. For instance, If Amelia Jones in the story (as a supporting character) had her own secret of that precious letter then, please make sure you disclose that in the later sections of the story. You may forget to do so sometimes, due to multiple characters. That’s the reason, it is advisable to use less supporting characters and focus more on the protagonist and the main characters.

Thus, I would conclude stating that before you publish your book, make sure you check on the manuscript and make the following necessary changes because you don’t want to leave a bad impression on the readers, do you? Make your story intriguing and the readers curious. Make your book worth a read and your efforts fruitful! In short, before you publish your book, the only thing to be remembered is to completely proofread your content and consider what your readers would love about your story!

“A Writer, I think is someone who pays attention to the world.”

  1. Susan Sontag

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