What Would Your Write – Ups Say To You?

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining ; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

  1. Anton Chekhov

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article is a vivid imagination as it discusses as to what your write – ups would say to you, if they could! Thus, the article would mostly be in the dialogue format!

I love the people who commence me! They instill life in me! I am a product of words and I appreciate the way, people use their minds to frame me in different ways, comprising of various perspectives and outlooks! It isn’t that hard to initiate me! You just have to pick a pen and start putting one word after another until it meets its dead end. And there you go! You breathed life in me!

Today, through this article, I wish to speak to you. There are many things which I will be discussing through a step by step approach!

“I Am Not An Inferior Form Of Art!”

One of the things that hurts me a lot is the mindset of people who never fail to underrate me! I am not inferior to other forms of art. Instead, I hold the power to share inspirational messages across the globe and create a huge impact on the world!

“I Am Not A Low Income Source!”

People usually associate me with a low income source, but that isn’t true at all. Probably, you just haven’t researched on the various career opportunities that are available when it comes to me!

“I Demand Patience And Love!”

Yes, you need to be patient when you initiate me! You mustn’t be irritated at all, because I may be a tedious procedure but if you love me, your work shall definitely be eased. Your approach matters, doesn’t it?

“I Normally Come With No Restrictions Or Limitations Whatsoever!”

I am a completely flexible form of art and come with no restrictions! You are free to set up your own word count and choose any topic to work on! However, if you complain regarding the restrictions, then remember to never blame me, because you yourself have created those.”

“I Don’t Distinguish Or Discriminate Between People!”

I equally love all of the writers who choose to inscribe me. I am not a racist nor gender biased. Don’t let these restrictions suppress me!

“You Need To Be Frequent With Me, In Order To Achieve Efficiency!”

Yes, you have to learn to be frequent when it comes to me, because I may seem complex and boring to you at first but practice would definitely help build up your interest.

“I Can’t Be Forced Upon!”

Remember to begin with interest. I cannot be imposed because I hate ‘irritated writers.’ I make the writer satisfied only when he adores me!

“You Are Free To Initiate Me, Even For Your Pastime!”

Yes, you may initiate me while passing your time! I won’t mind. I’m a broad minded art 😉 The only thing I demand, is that you choose to work on me promptly, without hesitation!

“I Love Creativity And Welcome Imagination.”

Just as the writer, who is penning down this article is using sheer imagination, I would really appreciate the presence and essence of creativity in your work! However, I put no compulsion whatsoever. You are free to carry on, as you please.

“I Depend On Your Vocabulary.”

My impression depends on the vocabulary you use. So, please make use of good vocabulary in order to maintain my image and reputation 😉

“I Appreciate The Birth Of Writing Coaches.”

Writing coaches are so generous. They impart refined knowledge of me and make me popular. Thank you for encouraging people to initiate me because that keeps me going!

Thus, I would conclude stating that, I feel grateful that humans choose to utilize me for good causes. I feel greatly honoured when authors publish their books and move on to becoming best sellers. Every writer is precious for me and I shall always look up to them as warriors who clutch pens instead of swords to make the utmost use of me! That’s exactly why I guess, humans have come up with this proverb, being, ‘A Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.

Thank you for listening to all I had to say!

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