What To Write?

“The Secret To Becoming A Writer Is To Write, Write And Keep Writing.”

  1. Ken MacLeod

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article answers the most common question which would definitely arise for beginners.

Novices in the writing field generally come across a variety of questions which need proper answers, in order to encourage them to write. What to write, is a common question among them. Writing, as a concept doesn’t just incorporate the advance level including book writing and publishing. Writing can also include your fingers that normally grab the pen and begin scribbling almost anything on that sheet of paper before you!

What to write, as a question is a myth and an excuse, because writing is an art which isn’t limited or dependent on the type of content. Yes, writing is all about content, but the concept of ‘the type of content’ is generated by us. The type of content however, if we consider it in a broader perspective is important for making the process systematic and orderly. After all, we can’t begin writing without proper planning! However, novices are free to begin writing as they please. It is just to be noted that, writing as a concept doesn’t come with restrictions. You are free to jot down almost anything! Your write – ups won’t judge you, after all!

In this article, I will be discussing the answer to the question through a step by step approach.

Writing Prompts!

You could begin with Writing Prompts which includes jotting down almost anything which could be related to your daily life or your views and personal opinions or perhaps journaling your to – do list. This type of writing is simple and at a basic level since it isn’t dependent on the word count or the topic. You are free to choose any random topic that trespasses your head!

Article Writing!

You could perhaps write an Article (if you wish to, of course), if research part interests you. You could even publish that article (as I do) in order to gain some popularity. You never know, your articles might prove to be a great help to somebody across the globe.

Essay Writing!

You could write an Essay on a random topic which either resonates with you or strikes a chord with you. You need not worry about the word count. Beginners are free to write as they please, as long as their content isn’t destined to become famous!

Advertisements Or Report Writing!

If you are interested in writing advertisements, then you are always good to begin! You could choose any news report or create a fictional one and write that or maybe you could compose a form of television ad. You could write almost anything that pleases you!

Email Writing!

You could learn to compose polite emails or get into Email Writing. Emails are a part and parcel of life for a modern person. This makes it mandatory to write emails often and practice the courtesy and formal language you should use.

Short Notes!

You could write a Short Note on any topic. Be it, your views on the societal norms, traditions and behavior or perhaps something related to the political, social or natural conditions of your country. Here, I am not creating a barrier of topics. It completely depends on you to choose your topic of interest.

Letter Writing!

Instead of always texting people, you could try writing a Letter to your close ones. As compared to digital medium, the joy of receiving letters is manifold. This would not only help you to compose letters and get you into writing but also, plaster a smile on the receiver!

Short Story!

If you feel that you can, then you could write a short story. If any particular topic has caught your attention and you feel the need to jot it down in the form of a story, then why wait? Go ahead!

Compose A Play Or A Script!

You could write a play or compose a script and get it out on social media. There are many people who wish to employ a script writer for movie making. So, if you are gifted with this art, then you could definitely try composing an interesting script. Just to let you know, a script is a sister to story writing because both almost carry the same outline. A story is in the descriptive form while a script is a story in the dialogue format.

Song Or Lyric Writing!

You could even write a song and get it out there in the world. You could make a great career in the DJ industry. This means that supporting the performing art is the literary art!

Novel Writing!

This is what we all know, you could write a book and get it published (if you please). However, novel writing is at the advanced level and requires full practice and patience.

Thus, I would conclude stating that there are many forms of literature and it totally depends on you to choose the right one! Writing is fun, if done with sheer interest and dedication. So, the question, what to write is indeed an excuse which today has the answer. No matter what you choose to begin, everything has its own set of options laid down for you. One practically needs the insight to research those options!

“Writing Is Easy. All You Have To Do Is Cross Out The Wrong Words.”

  1. Mark Twain

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