What To Do When You Just Can’t Write?

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

  1. Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article highlights the ways of eliminating writing indolence.

Writing can seem boring sometimes because it invites two possibilities: 1) Numb Fingers and 2) Zoned Out Head! However, these are mere excuses because I call this indolence or a way of procrastinating the process. Are you frequent in this? Well then, let me help you out.

Here, I shall be giving you some ways to eliminate this procrastination through a step by step approach.

You Have To Be A Nerd Yourself, In Order To Write!

Important attribute of a writer is to be a nerd. However, that doesn’t make wearing glasses a compulsion! All I mean here is, that reading, writing, love for languages, and being studious are mandatory aspects that help make a writer.

Read Read Read!

When you feel lack of inspiration to begin writing, feel free to rely on your nerd friend – a book! 😉 When you read, you get new ideas to frame in your write ups which ultimately acts as an inspiration to you, doesn’t it? Also, reading strengthens your vocabulary, which could be another one of the possible reasons for you to shun the process.

Read Or Listen To Inspirational Stories Of Popular Authors!

This is a great way of fuelling your inner passion and emitting that out onto that blank sheet of paper. Another important concern of not being able to make a career in writing could possibly make you procrastinate and underestimate the process. So, when you listen to success stories of renowned authors, you feel the zeal that could drive you to action.

Start With The Shortest Paragraph!

This could be one of the concerns as well, that writing is quite a lengthy task which can’t be dealt with. However, there is no compulsion for you to write elephant sized manuscripts of 500 pages in a day! You could always begin with 100 words, or prefer to quote as short as 2 lines as well!

Don’t Accept Discouraging Remarks!

There would be people out there who would demean and underrate the writing process thereby discouraging you. All I would say is that, you musn’t accept such remarks, nor let yourself get affected by them. Follow your heart and passion!

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Write In A Comfortable Spot!

Look for a cozy spot in your house which is peaceful enough for you to brainstorm effectively! Settle in that spot every time you feel like beginning to write! That, in itself is enough motivation for you to begin.

Wear Your Favourite Comfy Clothes That Help Boost Your Mood!

Favourites have an important role to play. When you select comfy clothes splashed with your favourite colour, positive energies surround you and make your brain work even more efficiently. I would recommend wearing bright colours for bright ideas!

Freshening Up Is A Great Start!

Early in the morning, when you resolve to write, remember to freshen up first because that provides you vitality and agility to begin the day with sheer positivity. Let that water flow through your brain in order to awaken its senses!

Start The Day With Things That Make You Happy!

Essential part of building up passion for your task is to begin your day with optimism. Do the things that make you smile! If you wish to be crazy, then be it! If helping someone makes you buoyant, then go ahead. If you crave for a vacation and some adventure, then this is the right time. Go for it!

Lastly, Consult A Writing Coach!

If nothing works out, then we do have writing coaches who would definitely help you out. They are there to motivate and inspire you to initiate the writing process! You just need to trust them all the more and see the effect!

Thus, I would conclude stating that in order to be optimistic in your tasks, especially writing, then remember to enjoy each and every moment of life with love and gratefulness. The shortest of moments in your life carry great memories. However, you must remember to create those moments! This would automatically make you all the more efficient in your daily tasks and chores because a happy mind never shuns the tasks and responsibilities since it is free from scrutinizing the pessimistic or dark side of things. So, if you successfully complete writing a book, then don’t forget to consult Yellow Scribe for more help in publishing! We would love to have you on board with us. Fare Thee Well!

Happy Writing!

Thank You For Reading!

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