What's In A Company Name?

“A name can mean indirect reputation that goes with the identity.”

- The Laconic Writer

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Name which for you could be a normal term that gives one an identity. An aspect on the basis of which people can remember you. But there rest two different connotations of ‘Name'. Let’s learn that through the usual storytelling method which we feel helps understand concepts faster.

You have successfully ‘Executed’ your dream of beginning a company which shall now be in a concrete form. However, that concrete business surely requires a name on the basis of which your company could receive an identity and people could receive clear idea of your services through that name in a creative manner. This can be considered as the First connotation of Name wherein the company name acts as a creative identity and symbol of your services.

After your services commence with full speed and they start leaving a positive impact on the customers, you achieve Name which means Fame. The Second connotation of Name is determined by the quality of your services.

We shall be considering the first connotation of Name here.

A Company receives recognition through its services but a creative name could also contribute for the same. People are naturally bound to feel curious of that newly introduced name that differs from the common ones and would be inclined to check your company and it's services out. Yes, you are expected to be highly creative when it comes to selecting a name that would not only be unique and stand out among all other companies but also describes your services in one word! You could also use an acronym as a company name for guaranteed curiosity which would make people surf the web for its full form and lure them towards you! An acronym can house the service of your company in merely three letters which makes it even more attractive and easier to remember. \

However, why do you need a company name to be attractive?

Imagine your business named Red Velvet Cakes. It’s a baking house which is obvious to the person reading it out loud and the name is sure to make one try that Red Velvet Cake out! (I am feeling hungry too!😂) So, it very subtly targets human psychology which craves for a sweet tooth at times! However, the visuals can’t be ignored. The words Red Velvet Cakes must have that exact velvety colour with wafer rolls, lollipops, and other sweet coloured food items around the name. A cute velvet cake could also be included abreast the name. This ensures that your name not only sounds attractive but also looks tempting. Through these visuals, you can show the services you provide by planting other food items apart from the velvet cakes which would make mouths water!

In short, you do this to get the audience lay an interested eye towards your services by tempting them. That’s what business is all about. Getting customers either by tempting them through an interesting company name or reputation (name) or introducing convenient services that are most required by the mob.

An example of a mouth watering visual by Cadbury!

The visuals are essential for your company offline as well as online. Due to the invisibility of social media, trust issues are sure to rise. In such conditions, making your company stand out from the ample scamming agencies is the hell of a task! That’s exactly why, creativity is essential to create a trust within your customers because they would acknowledge your efforts and consider your genuineness. Attractive names can lure people towards your services and have them rest assured of the amazing services you would provide because human mindset can be judgmental always. If the name of the company is so creative, the services would definitely be astounding which allures people and increases your reputation. In short, a company name should stand out from the common ones and describe your services subtly. It is easier to tempt people with concrete business structures as opposed to online platforms if your company is a rookie. Thus, you don’t want to compromise with the status and reputation of your company which goes hand in hand with the name and the quality of services it delivers.

Wait till your Company Name fetches interested customers!

In short, one can consider the company name as a strategy to fetch more customers. The more attractive a name, more are the chances of it leaving a positive impact on human psychology, more will people be tempted, and more will the number of prospective buyers increase which is ultimately every company’s goal!

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