What Are The Writing Rules?

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.”

  1. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article deals with the writing rules which every novice needs to know.

Yes, I did mention in the previous articles that writing isn’t limited or dependent on anything. However, rules and regulations guarantee our efficiency in that particular task, so it’s necessary to create some for our own benefit! These Rules are what I call ‘The Writing Rules’. So, without wasting any more time, let us get into the depth of these rules and understand them.

Note: None of the Rules are mentioned in any book!

Let us jot down the rules through a step by step approach!

Rule No. 1 – Stable Mind!

Write with a stable mind. Make sure you are in the perfect ‘mood’ to begin writing. You need to be completely ‘detoxified’ of Stress and other negative emotions!

Rule No. 2 – Good Approach!

Don’t consider Writing, a mundane task. Your approach towards it matters a lot. Don’t consider writing a burden. Write with Love! Write with Dedication!

Rule No. 3 – Write Frequently!

Write regularly (if you can) or at least twice or thrice a week! You may consider this similar to a prescription from a doctor, but writing in the given durations mentioned, can help increase your writing speed without letting your fingers go numb!

Rule No. 4 – Be Creative!

Be creative when you write! Try to pour out as much creativity as you can, so that your content seems fun to read!

Rule No. 5 – Be Imaginative!

Be Imaginative. Include aspects of nature or the supernatural, in order to make your write ups merrier!

Rule No. 6 – Consider Your Readers!

Look at your writing the way others would! In short, consider the requirements of your readers and include content in accordance to that!

Rule No. 7 – Choose ‘Any’ Topic!

Don’t consider ‘Topic’ as a barrier. Feel free to choose any type of topic to work on. Ultimately, what matters is the way you present your content to the readers!

Rule No. 8 – Good Plot!

Ensure that your content is presentable and organized. Don’t go about writing anything without an order of the events mentioned! In short, a good plot needs to be set up when deciding to write. Yes, in the previous article, I did mention that you are free to write anything and anyway you desire, but you have to keep the chronological sequence in your head when jotting down your content!

Rule No. 9 – Read More!

Read more and more books! The more you read, the more are you capable of framing new words and sentences. You could learn new proverbs which could be included in your work to make it more effective!

Rule No. 10 – Select Your Favourites!

Choose topics and genres that interest you! Remember, that when writing, be particular in selecting you ‘favourites’ because that leaves a huge impact on your mind and makes you work gracefully!

However, still if you need some help with the writing process then always feel free to contact your nearest writing coach (or us, of course) for complete assistance and guidance!

Thus, I would conclude stating that writing needs your love. It is a feeling that roots from within. Whenever you begin to write, your efficiency in it, matters a lot. These rules, help retain and maintain that efficiency! Write with complete focus and dedication without letting boredom hit you in the process! If it does, then it is a sign that writing isn’t your passion. In that case, introspect over your talent and passion and do only that you love!

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

  1. William Wordsworth

Thank You For Reading!

Introspective Question Of The Day!

Do Rules Matter To You?

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