What Are Some Of The Branding Essentials?

“One genuine relationship is worth a fistful of business cards.”

- Susan Cain

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re not just here to help you write but also to help with the branding of your company.

Branding as we all know, is the image your company receives. It is the stamp of genuineness that your company is assigned, on the basis of which customers don’t feel threatened to trust you! Branding is essential because there are many fake organizations that swindle people’s trust and hard earned money. The invisibility feature on social media is very well taken advantage of. Thus, in order to not fall into such traps, people tend to look for a certain brand which they can rely on. In short, if your company isn’t concrete but online, then you must brand its services.

Let me explain this with an example from the widely used social networking site, Instagram! Are you acquainted with the blue tick feature that verifies your account proving its authenticity? It is the verified badge that protects your account from hackers who could copy your services or products and later credit themselves for the creation. Why do you then use the verified badge? Of course, to protect your account and establish sole authority over your goods and services. That is exactly how, branding works. Branding creates a sole authority over your services and a sense of transparency. People do not feel threatened and willingly submit themselves to the company. It’s okay if you are a new brand. You will gain that image over time. Remember that reputed companies like Marks and Spencer too had a beginning! They are a leading brand and became one with time. Your brand is enhanced with the quality of your services no matter what the quantity. You can consider that brands and services go hand in hand. Brand name comes from the services while the quality of services determines the life of your brand!

Moving forward to why we need Business Cards And Brochures?

Recognition And Identity Of Your Brand!

Your brand receives recognition as people might share your business cards or brochures with others who they think would desire your services and you never know, how long the chain could go on! Identity that is the name of your brand and the services jotted in your business card could gradually become popular. By sharing business cards, the existence of your brand is marked.

Encourages Your Brand!

As stated above, the quality of services enhance the brand. By providing business cards and brochures, you take a step towards that.

Establishes Friendly Relations!

By sharing your personal details through a card, customers tend to consider your company or brand as a reliable source with which their purchase would be a success! As explained above, they do not feel threatened in this world of dacoits!

Possibility Of People Reverting Back!

When customers enquire regarding your services and products, they might not purchase them in the first go. Without business cards, later they might even forget your brand and move to the other. However, with a business card, they remember you at all times, could call you to make a purchase or visit your business site again. Thus, you open the doors to customers through this! A moral here is, that if customers simply enquire regarding your services and don’t make a purchase in the first attempt, being dejected won’t help. Simply prepare business cards and brochures and keep handing them to people. Wait till some of your old customers approach you again and remember, every business flourishes with time!

Have you ever thought of T – Shirts with your brand name or logo on them? Why do you think are people wearing those in branded companies or shops? That too, is meant to prove that they are genuine and a part of that company. They are here to guide you throughout and will experiment their exceptional marketing skills on you! Again, the trust factor comes into the picture. We trust them as employees and confide into them regarding our needs and preferences according to which we are directed to that section of the company which solves our problem! Of course, coming up with corporate T – Shirts doesn’t enhance your brand. It’s the amount of friendly employees with extravagant marketing skills that does the job. T - Shirts just add on to the genuineness of the company. The employee seems familiar and we consider the person easy to speak to and thus, purchases become easier!

In short, every business runs on trust and the amount of facilities you can provide as a company.

Coming to the Logo of your company. Have you ever considered the difference between a Brand and a Logo? Yes, they are different. A logo is a visual image of your company while a brand holds the reputation of your company. A logo is based on your brand while the brand is based on the quality of your services!

When brands in themselves can do the job, then why do companies come up with a logo?

Imagine a company with its brand name like Puma. A logo is a designed symbol for your company. All of you are well acquainted with leaping panther Puma shown beside the brand name. Nocturnal animal which can leap 20 feet high explains that Puma as a company too, is all time available and can leap high in its services. That’s how logos can play wonders in explaining your brand creatively. Human mind grasps visuals faster. So, logos with creative graphics become easy to remember. It helps you become a leading brand as again, your genuineness comes into the picture.

Are you interested in getting your company started with all of these essentials? Yes? That’s great! But how to design? Where to go? Let me sort this for you!

We, at Yellow Scribe offer high quality Graphic Designing Service and help you design all of the above mentioned services. Logos, T – Shirts, Business cards and Brochures all printed to your door. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Thank You For Reading!

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