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“English Seems Complex Without A Good Mentor.”

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Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article discusses all about vocabulary building.

Vocabulary building is the foundation of a good writer. A successful writer knows how to play with words. However, a player resorts to experiencing the sport only after having gained expertise in it. Yes, there are times when we ‘try’ a game but aren’t acquainted with it. But these are two different concepts. ‘Trying a game’ doesn’t make you a ‘Player’. The word Player is official for expertise. Trying makes you a novice.

Similar is the pattern with vocabulary building. Ask yourself a question: Are you a novice or have you gained expertise? Let me give you some ‘symptoms’ to help you recognize your status. I am not a doctor but I sure am a ‘literary doctor’! Let us begin.

  1. Are you struggling with using advanced English or fail to come up with interesting idioms or phrases to make your content interesting?

  1. Are you confused between the meanings of similar English words like apprise and appraise?

  1. Are you frequently making grammatical errors which is driving grammarly crazy as it goes on marking most of your content in Bold Red?

  1. Do you have the proclivity to blend English with your mother tongue at times when not able to recollect the right English term for a definition or task?

  2. Are you aspiring to speak and write as native English speakers but are at loss of ‘that’ literary level?

If the answers to all of these is a big ‘Yes’ for you then that makes you a novice.

So, let me now discuss what actually can help you. As discussed earlier, guidance of an experienced person is enough to mould your vocabulary. However, that should be supplemented by ample reading of English books and other material from renowned English authors in order to ensure complete efficiency. You could also rely on English commercials. You could continually stare at the subtitles and jot down some words which you think are so Neww to you!

Getting back to some other solutions which an experienced person can provide you:

  1. Workbooks To Solve!

Interesting, isn’t it? These could act as test series for you and help enhance your vocabulary.

  1. One On One Support Through Social Media!

Internet has indeed made the world closer. Your experienced person is just a ‘mobile’ and ‘internet’ away! In case of any doubts, you are free to message them. Also, doubts in the workbook will be entertained by your friendly mentor. So, don’t go about surfing the ‘inanimate’ web for the meaning of a particular word. Instead, approach your ‘animate’ guide! 😉

  1. Writing Prompts!

Your guide makes sure that you receive writing prompts so as to track your development and success which is certain with complete focus and dedication.

  1. Access To The Exclusive Facebook Group where you are free to ask questions!

You receive almost all the support, but then you must promise to never hesitate in putting forth your difficulty, working with the will to succeed, and basing your journey of learning, over the concept of ‘Try Try and you will succeed!”

A difficult task yet again is to look for a genuine experienced person to help you out! Well, not to worry. Yellow Scribe has come up with a Monthly Membership for vocabulary novices out there where all of the above stated services are prevalent.

 With just 5.99 pounds a month (6 pounds), you get complete guidance and support towards your English learning journey! You get 2 workbooks and 5 writing prompts which help build your vocabulary! So now, dream for advanced English speaking, no more! Revolution, in the form of Yellow Scribe is here to help you rise and recognize your dream!

Tap the Consultation Button and promptly get in touch with us!

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