Vibrancy- The Key To Effective Branding!

“Colours make me insanely happy. The Vibrance they carry brings radiance and lifts my spirits.”

- Geets

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In the previous articles, we covered the evolution of a perfect company but today’s article shall delve into the graphic designing aspect of it. So, let’s begin with a different story.

It is important to distinguish between a business and a company. A business is something you tend to go for, singlehandedly with ‘a’ service of your choice but when you start hiring people as your assistants, you are promoting your business into a company slowly but steadily as you deal with ‘multiple’ services!

So, your business has reached its peak of success and you have laudably created regular friendly customers. You are happy but something seems missing. Apart from the regular customers, different new faces aren’t attempting to try your services out. Why would it be? Perhaps because your business appeals to a smaller section of the society while the others want to try you out but due to unavailability of the services of their choice, they are backing off! That is when you decide to alter your services and create branches in it which would lead to a good variety. For instance, a pizza shop selling coke, ice cream, fries and other mouth- watering delicacies which would act as branches to that single theme- Pizza! This would increase engagement of at least half the section of the society if not at large. All that matters is you get ample customers and once that limit is fulfilled, you are free to stick to those branches for a long period of time! I won’t say permanently because one has to move with the market trend and upgrade their business as per the demand!

So, getting to the main topic, your business has multiple offerings or services which means your business is promoting into a company! Now, you think of advertising your company on social media which is so essential nowadays and realize that you lack a good logo which could appeal to the audience. (If you are suffering with this too, then we can help design/redesign your logo).

An Example of Bold and Vibrant Coloured Logo!

A logo, in simple words is that eye catching symbol which should have the potential to drive people to action. By now, I suppose you understand the significance of attractive page themes and symbols in business to prove the authenticity of the company. Invisibility of social media makes people have trust issues but when you work on the page themes and logos of your company, it proves your genuineness because people consider and feel your efforts!

Now, is when Vibrance comes into the picture. The word Attractive is best friends with Vibrance because in order to grab people’s attention, you need your page to stand out, be it on any social media platform. Having a specific colour palette distinguishes your page from the ordinary ones on various social media platforms which makes it easier for people to locate you. Another benefit of a having a page theme is that genuine people interested in the company’s services approach you which is the reason that some company pages have lower followers as opposed to ordinary pages that may receive spammers or fake accounts or bots as followers in thousands! So, if you are a company page and aren’t receiving more followers, just relax and think positively!

An Example of a Page Theme!

Another important aspect is the colour of the page theme or logo you go after. Colours directly target human psychology and have the ability to leave a positive impact on the viewer. However, only those colours that scintillate the human eye must be targeted. For instance, choosing dark blue or navy blue won’t be as attractive as turquoise blue or sky blue. In short, lighter shades of colours are advisable to grab people’s attention. If needed you could survey a few people who are your target audience and get the truth out as to what shades are the most demanded. You never know, demands and preferences keep changing!

However, vibrancy comes with mouth - watering shades like our Yellow Scribe Logo and page theme. The Yellow shade is that of a mango which really makes me go Ummmmmm! ;)

Mango Shade! Feeling hungry?

Similarly, Baby pink reminding people of candy floss or Strawberry Pink not only remind people of these food items but also act as sweet shades that would effectively appeal to your audience.

Attractive Shades of Pink!

Of course, when I advise choosing colours depicting food items, I exclude blueberry blue, kiwi green or other dark shades because as stated earlier, sweet shades with a tinge of perfectness and vibrance with balanced amalgamation of different colours must be taken into consideration here! In short, I consider light shades created with utmost love and sweetness reminding people of nature and its beauty.

When you successfully create a good colour scheme, you are sure to get interested people who would someday evolve into regular customers!

This is the motto of Yellow Scribe! We understand the power of colours and their impact on human psychology which made us choose after studying human interest, the most attractive colour on the list- Yellow! Vibrance guaranteed not only on social media but also in our services! We are Yellow Scribe!

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