The Dark Between The Stars

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By: Youmna Ameer

No one can deny how Atticus’s words have managed to convince us that poetry can be solely adored, regardless of having to know the exact persona behind them. It has proven how worthy literature can be, and how much it can exist as a universal language, even if its speaker is not entirely available to the eyes of the listeners.

With The Dark Between Stars, Atticus has also successfully tempted his readers to create different versions of him in their minds.  Each one depending on the way his pieces are interpreted. In the book, he is simply his poet self while also reassuring his message, which softly dictates the necessity of consistent ambition, chasing new adventures, finding true love, opening up to new chances, and living free from any chains embedded by society.

One of the things that declare Atticus as prominently significant is how he has the magical ability to let the poet inside him so loose within the pages of his book, portray so much of his soul, his desires, his memories, yet is still able to hide the rest of himself within the shadows. Preserved away from judgments and criticism is something that undoubtedly protects his inspiration and will to keep on writing.

Adding to that, Atticus has an extremely remarkable attitude. While reading his book, it feels more like he is sitting before you, ranting aloud, telling you about his tipsy romantic adventures in Paris. His lightheartedness, simple, and the sarcastic way he views life makes him seem more of a friend than a dictator, despite how much of a wise advocate he is.

So if you’re ready for a short yet indulging and life-changing trip with a very enthusiastically talented poet, go ahead and give The Dark Between Stars a read.

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