The August Explosion: 10+ Writing Resources

If you’re a regular here, you’d know that the past few weeks have been building up to the ten plus writing resources launching this August. For us, August is a great time of the year because it’s hot, you can write easier, and you can take walks for motivation.

But the one thing we didn’t mention is… it’s FREE.

At Yellow Scribe, alongside coaching students to writing success, we like to supply you with documents, printable PDFs and other useful resources so you can feel right at home where you belong, in the comfort of your own home. The writing resources available at Yellow Scribe are FREE and you can boost your writing game at home with the short amount of time each one takes.

August Writing Resources – Out NOW!

Grab 10+ writing resources including:

  1. 10 Writing prompts

  2. A Story Mountain Planner

  3. A character planning sheet

The August Explosion is Yellow Scribe’s newest info drop containing a plethora of different writing resources, including…

The Yellow Scribe Story Mountain

The Character Profile Plan

This in-depth character plan gives you all the resources and prompts necessary to plan out your characters methodically, not missing a single detail.

The character worksheet allows you to include the most important pieces of information about your characters. Just print off the amount you need and plan out every character in your book.

Why this? Why can’t I plan out my characters myself?

Good question, and here’s the answer: you can! You can absolutely plan out the characters, but unless you have superhuman powers you could miss out a few details, or it might not be as sharp as expected. Ensure your characters are developed perfectly with a character planning sheet!

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