Roadway To Customer Satisfaction!

“Quality in a service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

- Peter Drucker

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Satisfaction, as a concept has always differed from pleasure. Happiness is the end result of satisfaction which makes them interlinked. Satisfaction is the feeling of contentment after having enjoyed a particular service to the fullest while happiness is the starting point of satisfaction wherein you fall in love with that service and the people propagating it!

Till now, we have talked about Quality of ‘your’ services which means the way you treat your customers while Satisfaction is based on the quality of that product or service and the benefits customers would yield from it. After all, effective customer satisfaction implies making them satisfied with the delivery of a service and isn’t simply limited to that honey coated customer service wherein you appease, tempt, and please the customer.

Let us consider a publishing house that helps in self as well as vanity publishing of books. Interaction, Assistance, Support, Customer service are excellent. The owner is great at convincing the customers to join them. However, in the aftermath, what if the publishing process, which is the actual service of that company isn’t imparted efficiently? What if there still rest errors in the proofreading process undertaken by you? What if there is a delay in publishing the book even though the customer wanted it complete at a particular date? What if the editing of certain sections of the book involving beta reading isn’t correctly taken care of, due to which certain unintentional linguistic follies are still existing? Lastly, what if the customer finds all this out? Won’t he create a rancour and label you careless? Of course, that’s what happens when the customer doesn’t feel satisfied. Yes, the customer was ‘happy’ when he approached you but now after estimating the quality of that service he invested his money in, he is upset over the matter and may leave a bad review to others.

Now, consider it the other way round. Your customer service tempted that prospective buyer to try you out on the basis of natural human judgmental nature that estimates the quality of a company through the behaviour of its body! You were impeccably patient and solved all their queries. You laid down a list of benefits they would enjoy through your services and discussed reasonable rates enough to tempt them even more. They approached you and trusted your services. The way you delivered your services too was fantastic as you kept the customer requirements in mind, continued to remain patient and courteous throughout the journey, and never compromised with the efficiency. This impressed your customer who now will prefer you over the others thereby becoming a regular customer. In addition to that, good feedbacks shall roam street to street as different people shall be willing to try you out because of your genuineness, commitment, trustworthiness, and effective quality maintenance.

A thing to be kept in mind is that the highest benefit a customer can ever demand for is, Right Investment. No customer wants to fall prey to traitors who fail to remain loyal and end up looting that hard earned money.

Thus, a customer gets satisfaction when you promise to provide them through honey coated talk earlier, an effective mechanism and later, remain committed to the same which makes them loyal to you. In short, when you remain loyal to your customers, you can expect them to do the same when it comes to choosing brands!

So, next time be aware of the difference between Happiness and Satisfaction!

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