Rachel Baronti begins new poetry collection ‘Secrets I Shouldn’t Have’ with Yellow

As Summer halts to an end, we are excited to announce another new author joining Yellow Scribe’s bookshelf. Rachel Baronti is a young adult from the United Kingdom, and with her new poetry collection, she aims to shed light on issues often left unspoken. As a young adult, Baronti has faced the struggles that can come with being a woman, and she is now using her voice – once broken and now mended – to show others how they can overcome their traumas.

Rachel Baronti

Traumas can be difficult to overcome for a number of reasons – namely the shame surrounding the event and the difficulty of seeking acceptance for the emotions one feels. ‘Secrets I Shouldn’t Have’ collates the many poems Baronti crafted as both a coping mechanism for herself and as a guidebook for others to deal with their thoughts and emotions. A nuanced collection of raw poetry puts into perspective the real life scenarios we bump into in our everyday lives: anxiety, depression, assault, ptsd, and gradually overcoming them.

There’s no way for me to bleed onto this page and make it seem as though I still have the heart of a pacifist, as the truth is, I am well acquainted with war and what it’s like to need refuge from yourself as I search for it every day… I haven’t found it yet. “Refugee” by Rachel Baronti

Before working more intensely on poetry and long-form, Baronti worked in Finance pursuing a more academic life.

After the realisation that life had more to offer, Baronti shifted to work in Marketing as an apprentice, and works closely alongside CAMHs, a mental health organisation for teenagers. Baronti enjoys working alongside the organisation because she feels so passionately about mental health, especially the wellbeing of teenagers and young adults like herself.

The book, written in the Summer of 2020, begins with Baronti’s ‘What I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger’, a devastating account of consent and the power (or lack thereof) of saying ‘no’.

A sadness runs through the collection, a sort of nuanced sadness that can only be described as beautiful. This book will make you feel, writhe and squint with emotion as you flick through the pages – full to the brim with tears, saturated tissues and sleepless nights. It can only be described as beautifully sad, with a summit of self-acceptance and a deeply ingrained love for ones self.

That I would realise the cloudy cushions of candy-floss piled atop a stick were bad for my teeth, and in truth didn’t resemble the clouds at all. “What I wish I knew when I was younger” by Rachel Baronti

‘Secrets I Shouldn’t Have’ out 12th October 2020

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Trigger Warnings

Mention of sexual assault, PTSD, depression, anxiety.

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