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“Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer.”

  1. Gregory Ciotti

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article highlights the importance of marketing for your book.

After finishing your manuscript, you decide to get it published, thereby promoting the manuscript to the book level and now you are eager to push it forward for more eyes to see it. This is obvious desperation which is called Marketing.

There are times when even humans require some amount of promotion and help from others in order for their work to receive a push thereby promoting and advertising its existence so as to gain public support. This the exact procedure that the marketing of a book follows. All it needs is a slight push so that someone notices it and then that person goes on providing reviews to others which creates more and more readers. However, your plan of action is to ensure that your book receives good reviews because it is the law of nature that only good things receive more attention!

How Is Marketing Done?

Configuration of social media profiles is essential in the marketing process. Applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others are enough to grab world – wide attention. Today’s digitalized era has made global attention seeking so much easier.

Professionally designed logo/brand for your company as an author can be so useful. It verifies your identity and proves your genuineness. This inclines people towards your book and eliminates trust issues.

Website evaluation is necessary when it comes to marketing your book. It makes your identity known to the mob and you could post details regarding your book, a short interesting summary or maybe even develop blog posts. In short, you’ve got to be a social butterfly in order to make yourself and your book known to the world.

Why Market Your Book With An Experienced Person?

Marketing makes your book known to the world thereby proving its existence. However, if you have an experienced person to assist you with this, I am sure you would nail the art of marketing. There are times when we just aren’t confident using social media. There could be many reasons for that. Perhaps you are finding it addictive or with too much human interaction! 😉 Do not worry, even I used to feel the same. During this stage however, we sure need a push, a mentor, and some encouragement to gain a portion of our confidence and sign into the social media accounts.

Website development may or may not be known to you. You may have tried developing it on your own but you just aren’t successful. At such times of emergency, you need that experienced person who could help design it for you. You get complete assistance worth every penny. After all, you just can’t compromise with your lovely book, which perhaps required months or maybe even years for its completion!

Of course, you may have to look for the right experienced person to help you out. That is a matter of concern actually! Well, let me detangle this difficulty for you.

The right experienced person is none other than Miss Kaitlyn Pibernik, the M.D of Yellow Scribe who is a Web Designer and can definitely help you with Marketing, through our Pineapple (Lite) Package.

Yes! All of the above stated services are offered in that package itself. Amazing, isn’t it? So, now wait no more. Tap the consultation button on our official site and promptly get in touch with us.

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