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The Lychee Package

This all-inclusive writer’s dream bundle is the reason why we’re 5-star rated all-round, period. With Lychee, you can hand in a mere manuscript and have a beta-read analysis sent straight to your inbox with pending suggestions, constructive critiques and any other pertinent info. When it comes to your Lychee, you’ll be happy to know your cover (and blurb, this isn’t child’s play) will be professionally designed for you, and we won’t publish it until you’re 100% happy. After the beta-reading process, your work of art will pass through the rigorous proofreading phase wherein we will fix any issues or errors you have overlooked, bringing us into our editing phase. This Lychee package is available on all manuscripts under 40,000 words, and we provide quotes for manuscripts above this threshold if needs be. As well as these juicy features, you’ll also receive 5 copies of your paperback to your doorstep, and a Yellow Scribe pen and notepad to jot your precious thoughts in. Last, but not least, your beautiful manuscript will grow into a fully-fledged book ready for your reader’s shelves. This means it will be formatted into a suitable eBook format as well as Paperback, and you’ll be able to purchase your own book through KDP, our favourite self-publishing platform, before you can even say ‘Yellow Scribe’. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions, or fill out a form in the ‘contact us’ page.

£700.00Click here to purchase.

The Pineapple Package (Lite)

This Lite package is a more affordable alternative to hiring a professional marketer, because you’ll get all that and more when you opt into this bundle. You can expect an influx of sales when it comes to your book and its marketing journey – we at Yellow Scribe specialise in the effective marketing and sale of both fiction and non-fiction books. At only £199, the Pineapple Package is the perfect option for authors that have already completed their book, and need help pushing it into the market for readers to buy. You’ll learn all about the way marketing is approached, and to start with we will configure your social media profiles (this includes any profiles you use, or should use, and we’ll either audit + optimize them, or create an account from scratch if you don’t have one). After this process, we’ll professionally design you a logo for your company/brand as an author, and this will help push our brand authenticity and create a cohesive image for your brand and overall online presence. Once you’re happy with this, we’ll move onto your website evaluation. Now, we all know how important it is to have a website whether you’re an author or a company. We’ll evaluate/audit your website and help you improve it, or if you don’t have one, we’ll recommend that you set one up. We have options for this, too, and you can find out more by contacting us RE: Website Design. To help with your marketing now and in the future, we’ll spend time carefully curating marketing copy for the sale of your book. This can include any text you want, but we usually write a book description, blurb, author’s bio, and other pertinent texts. If you have any questions, please contact us!

£199.00Click here to purchase.

The Peach Package

Our Peach Package includes twelve hours of coaching support with one of our writing coaches – double that of our Cherry Package! In our Peach Package, you can expect to receive a quality service included personalised support when it comes to your cover. Our professional graphic designers have the resources and skills to put your vision onto paper. During your project, you will have the fun oppurtunity to hop into a meeting with your writing coach and graphic designer where you can speak your mind and sketch out your vision for the experts to interpret. You will then be sent upwards of five drafts of potential cover ideas. After this, you will meet with your writing coach to discuss and type up the blurb. The blurb should be a good representation of your book, but since all blurbs are different, you never know what to expect. Your book will be sent to our professional photographer, and you will be sent fifteen high definition photos of your book, in different locations. You can then use the royalty free images for promotion, blogging, and any other application online or in print. Your writing coach has the responsibility of ensuring you reach your goals on time and that you are happy as our package progresses. If throughout your package you are unsure of anything, your coach is reachable through their Business Whatsapp, which will be active throughout the hours of 9am and 5pm GMT.

£500.00Click here to purchase.

The Cherry Package

Our Cherry Package includes six hours of coaching support with one of our writing coaches, half of our Peach Package. We find that a lot of writers are after different things, and for some, one hour per week is sufficient to catch up with our coach. Throughout your project (which usually lasts six weeks, however can be adjusted) we will check in with you on WhatsApp and then on either video call or in-person meeting. This will be to see how well you are getting on with your manuscript, your plot line, or maybe the ideas for your book’s cover. Your writing coach has the responsibility of ensuring you reach your goals on time and that you are happy as our package progresses. If throughout your package you are unsure of anything, your coach is reachable through their Business Whatsapp, which will be active throughout the hours of 9am and 5pm GMT. Our Cherry Package is similar to our Peach Package, however it is more suited for confident writers more unsure of the publishing process itself. Your book’s cover will be designed by our graphic design professionals, with everything up to you throughout the process. This includes the design, colour schemes, fonts, spine text and fonts, blurb and more.

£300.00Click here to purchase.

Brand Management

Chat to us on WhatsApp

Here at Yellow Scribe, we provide a quality service to take your company to the next level. You can see our google reviews by clicking the button below, and feel free to contact us either through hello@yellowscribe.co.uk or 07799554267 (WhatsApp us!)

Take your social posts to the next level.

Our team will post on all social profiles on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Each post will be professionally designed by our graphic designer, and advertising copy will be written to sell, engage and gather an interested audience.

Your website will be given a new lease of life.

We’ll redesign your website using the best website providers, domain hosts, and website designers. Each graphic will be individually designed to fit your theme. You can choose from Wix or WordPress to revamp your site.

Email accounts, domain forwarding, and business profiles managed.

Know how to navigate Google Business, forward DNS to verify your website, and set up your Facebook business profiles? All of these things are incredibly important to ensure your brand transparency – but not everybody knows how to do it.

Our experts will follow all the steps in order to take your company from a mere Facebook page and bland website to a fully-comprehensive, SEO-optimised presence that makes customers feel like they’re spending their money in the right place.

SEO who?

SEO is important, and so is your Google page. Do you wish for your company to appear at the top of Google when somebody searches for your name? Do other larger companies barge in the way, casting a shadow on your brand?

SEO is the process of optimising the keywords and content on your site so it appears on Google all the time. A google page is created through Google Business, which we have mastered.

There is a way to verify your domain on Google Console to ensure your brand appears right at the top – and not to mention, your Google page should be full of 5-star reviews (we pride ourselves on gathering quality reviews from your real clients; not bots!)

5-star Reviews on Google

Your reviews panel is one of the most important things to take care of when it comes to showing your credibility to your prospective clients. If you have lots of good reviews, with honest details about the quality of your company and your processes, customers will happily work with you.

We, at Yellow Scribe, understand the importance of reviews online – especially on Google since it’s the first thing your customers will see upon searching for your company’s name – or maybe even a word similar to your company’s name.

Contacting your past and current clients, you won’t have to stress about gathering those reviews – brand management puts focus on making your company known to the public as a trustworthy, quality and reputable body in the corporate world.

Gathering 5-star reviews from your clients will be our mission when it comes to working with you, and when we move to your Google Page, we will take it from a 2 to a 10 in a matter of hours.

Just see our reviews panel from one of our clients. All of these reviews, we amassed in our first day of working.

How much does this cost?

Our services are billed monthly, and timesheets are put together on the last day of each month. Each invoice, once sent, must be fulfilled within the first two weeks of the month to ensure our staff will be paid for the hours they put in.

Please note that due to the nature of our services, refunds are not available.

The first month will cost a higher fee than the other months, and this is called the ‘Startup-Phase’ – setting up the website, social media, copywriting and consulting could cost anywhere between £500 and £800, subject to a price quote.

All price quotes will be sent to you, and you will not be obligated to buy our services. This is so you can see how much the month would cost if you wish to proceed with our services.

The months following our beginning month are called the ‘Maintenance-Phase’ months, and will cost you anywhere from £50 to £500, subject to price quote.

Our rate is £15 per hour, and you may add or subtract services according to your budget/requirements.

Each maintenance month, you can add many services such as: social media posts on select days, web maintenance, graphic design, and copywriting. You can also choose for us to send out a monthly newsletter.

So, what do you say?

We hope you like what you see, and we’d love to chat with you through WhatsApp so we can work together in the future.




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