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By: Youmna Amer

When Rupi Kaur decided to self-publish her book of poems in 2014, she wasn’t expecting her masterpiece to become a bestseller. Yet, of course, owing to her prominent uniqueness and talent, her words earned the adoration of most young adults.

The secret behind the distinctiveness of milk and honey, for me at least, is the fact that the poems it contains simply tell the struggles that no one on this planet hasn’t gone through. There hasn’t been a single person who wasn’t broken at some point in their lives. What milk and honey did is that it glorified the survivors of heartache through describing the stages of moving on in gorgeously penned details. It boldly stated each obstacle and the way Rupi has managed to get over it. The way some have triggered painful memories, complications with older lovers, and got her rethinking every bit of the universe and the way she views it. Because yes, of course, that’s what heartbreak can do, and Rupi has managed to bring it to life through her first book.

What adds to the originality of her pieces is the way Rupi’s background and beliefs are merged with her ideology of self-reconstruction. Her upbringing, relationship with her family, feminist views that were planted within her despite being raised in a patriarchal society, they are all factors that have shaped her and taught her the way she loves and wants to be loved. And thus, the way she moves on after being broken down. The way she fearlessly declares her right to the love who she desires despite the pain reflected in other pieces within the same book makes the journey fascinating. And it is another factor that made milk and honey a true one of a kind.

Apart from that, Rupi has managed to break the walls separating lots of young people from expressing themselves through writing. Her simple style of writing and short pieces have opened the flood gates of creative minds to express themselves the way they want to. Countless Instagram poets were originally inspired by her writing style, and it shows wildly in the way most of them prefer to keep all their writings in lowercase- the way she did in milk and honey.

So if you’re looking for something true, pure, bold and empowering to read, you now know what to choose. For people who relate, it’s not a book to put down ever, until you’ve reached the very last page.

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