Kickstart your week for productivity

Starting your week can be challenging if you want/need to make results and stick to a schedule while accomplishing things. As a business owner and young person, I find that sticking to a routine helps me a lot when managing a team and running my own life alongside that.

A healthy sleeping pattern is vital to maintaining your physical and mental health…

Clean your work space

This is my top point, because put simply it is one of the most effective methods that i’ve observed. When I work, I spread sheets around everywhere in my work space. The rat cage to the left of my desk ends up covered in work, my keyboard is buried, the floor has rubbish on it, with crumbs from lunch and paper from ripping pages out of my books. Pens are often unassigned to their original pots and poking out in all different angles.

Here are a few general rules everybody can follow to clean for the following week!

  1. Clean up folders and binders! Organise inside them, straighten papers, throw away useless notes

  2. Hoover the floor! Pick up any clutter and organise it, and then hoover (mop too if it’s wood/vinyl!) to finish.

  3. Clear your desk, and put a pencil pot, coaster for your coffee, and lamp. These are my 3 top desk essentials! Coffee is encouraged but not necessary…

  4. Empty the office bin… Get it smelling fresh in here!

  5. Spray an air freshener!

  6. Clean the windows and window sill while you’re at it…

So, what now?

Once you’ve cleaned your space, let’s move onto your desk. You should have the most important notepads, pens and pencils, a ruler, and the basics.

You should also add things that you use a lot like your folders stored on a book shelf behind you, your work phone and laptop there, etc.


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