Is Writing Mandatory?

“Writing is the painting of the voice!”

  1. Voltaire

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article answers whether writing ‘should be’ or ‘is’ mandatory or not?

When you write, your mind feels refreshed and rejuvenated and your energy levels are replenished. Some people may be under the false impression that writing is a complicated task that can make one knackered. But this isn’t so. Once you begin writing, you are destined to fall in love with the same. You can always begin with writing almost anything. One must note that writing is not all about stories and poems. It encompasses everything including the time you pick your pen and scribble something on that piece of paper!

Here, I will be discussing whether writing is mandatory or not through a step by step approach.

Want To Be A Renowned Writer?

The importance of writing depends on the situation and your will. If you wish to gain expertise in writing and be a renowned writer then it becomes mandatory to practice penning down your thoughts regularly. This would help increase your imagination and creativity levels.

Motivational Content?

If you want your write – ups to leave a lasting impact on your readers or if you are willing to deliver a powerful message through your writing then too practicing write – ups becomes mandatory. After all, in order to reach to that motivational content, you need to be aware of using the correct diction and vocabulary which at the same time shouldn’t sound too impertinent.

Dawdling Writer?

If you are a dawdling writer and consider writing as a hobby with no dream of publishing your content then writing daily isn’t mandatory. You may write as per your desire. Here, the compulsion relatively diminishes.

Reputed Company Makes Writing Mandatory!

If you are working in a reputed company with a writing job then too practicing writing becomes mandatory. After all, you don’t wish to disappoint your boss by providing fruitless and insensible content!

Compulsion Reduces When Passion Fuses!

If writing is your deep rooted passion and you can’t survive even a day without it, then the compulsion isn’t required. Because, that compulsion has already been created by your mind which would definitely ring the alarm every single day, signaling you to write.

Publishing A Novel?

If you are planning on publishing a novel which comes with almost 300 to 400 pages, then you must be acquainted to the writing process. Thus, here too it is required for you to write as much as possible daily, in order to exercise and warm up your finger muscles. After all, you don’t want your fingers to go numb right?

Research Paper?

If you are working on a research paper, then too writing becomes mandatory. You need to be well acquainted with presenting the evidences in a systematic way and that would be possible if you write regularly! In order to learn the presentation skills and the art of writing with creative imagination, one needs to be habituated and adept in the writing process!

Thus, I would conclude stating that writing becomes mandatory only when you are dreaming of using it as a step towards your career or profession and if you are serious enough to gain fame through it. Writing loses its compulsion when you write for the sake of writing without any particular interest. Thus, your attitude determines the compulsion of writing. If you use it for yourself then it gains compulsion, otherwise it doesn’t. This depends on the different perspectives of people. For me, writing is mandatory because I love it and cherish it. Thus, we can say that the interest factor of people matters a lot when it comes to any type of task, let alone writing!

“You fail only if you stop writing.”

  1. Ray Bradbury

Thank you for Reading!

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