Is Interaction Necessary In Business?

“Recognize that every interaction you have is an opportunity to make positive impact on others.”

- Shep Hyken

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Interaction, as the dictionary definition goes, is communication. We interact so as to create good relations with people. However, does interaction simply mean speaking your hell out without considering or picking the right words? No, right. The way you interact holds great significance because a sugar coated tongue, alone can help develop those friendly relations, you aspire to maintain in a society. Of course, a bitter tongue only invites admonition from people thus, damaging your reputation which nobody wants to compromise with in a society because ‘Gossips’ regarding your ill behaviour would spread like wildfire just because of the incorrect method of interaction adopted by you. The only thing being explained here is that interaction isn’t limited to that dictionary definition. One has to go beyond that and emphasize on its methods as well because we live in a society of judgemental Chatty Cathys!

What about interaction in business however? Well, it isn’t different from that in the society. Here, the way you deal with your customers holds significance. Every customer is a human and will thus, be judgmental. All you have to do is ensure that the customer leaves with a good impression so that your business and its customer satisfaction services spread with a ‘Good’ word!

However, owing to the current online medium, some businesses fail to maintain effective interaction and we are here to understand why interaction is necessary. Well, let us understand that through yet another story! Hop In!

You are a publishing house and aren’t quite active on social media. Customers text you for queries but most of the times, responses from you are delayed. Eventually, it leads to disinterested customers who back off and search for a different platform for publishing their work.

We might say that customers need to be patient but as business owners we must understand the psychology of humans which doesn’t like to wait for a longer period of time. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Where will you feel inclined to? A response coming within a day or after 3 days? Of course, a response coming within a day shows the worth of that company which upholds its customers while the latter indirectly and unintentionally proves that customers hold no value to you. Thus, quick interaction is mandatory when it comes to business so that you can establish a good reputation because as discussed earlier, you don’t want people to judge you wrongly.

Quick responses show your willingness to offer a particular service efficiently, the value of that customer in your eyes, and the quality of your company and its employees which indirectly attracts people. The charm with which you handle your customers and interact with them is what makes business worthwhile. Interaction is the foundation of business. No matter what type of customers you may face, be they rude, savage, insulting, least interactive, excessively probing, it doesn’t matter because you are the one who is supposed to be patient and handle them creatively by playing with words!

Interaction is thus, supposed to be sugar coated, no matter what type of customers you come across. You mustn't leave any stone unturned in disclosing all of your services to them even though they would simply be enquiring and wouldn’t purchase any, as of now because owing to your hospitality they might return or revert in the future! That’s the greatest test of patience to be honest because they may or may not revert but your image shouldn't be at stake!

Some companies do have customer services but if you are thirsty for a great reputation then the CEO too should partake in effective conversations with the customer warmly so as to create a friendly bond. In short, interactions should create friendly bonds that would help generate regular customers for you! That’s the goal of every business after all, that is to get a whole bunch of interested customers who would be attached to our services and prefer us over any other brand or company!

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