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“The Greatest Part of a Writer’s time is spent in Reading in order to Write. A Man will turn over Half a Library to make a Book.”SAMUEL JOHNSON

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article features Miss Kaitlyn Pibernik with whom I held an interview especially for you! I made sure to ask useful questions which would perhaps help you out!

Those of you who aren’t acquainted with Miss Kaitlyn, I would like to give a quick introduction of this impressive personality. As, stated in the title, she is a Writing Coach and the CEO of Yellow Scribe. Yellow Scribe is a British Publishing House founded by her in 2017 and I work alongside her in the company to post articles pertaining to the interest of the readers!

The interview was conducted on 29th October, 2020 at 12 GMT and the session was indeed entertaining. I learnt many new facts which I would love to share with you all! So, let us begin.

  1. So, My Very First Question To You Is, That What Inspired You To Become A Writing Coach?

There are a few reasons as to why I wished to be a writing coach. The first one is that I really loved the study of English language and I am currently pursuing a university course on grammar so, that means I am constantly learning. Another reason is that my level of English is quite advanced and I have good ‘people skills’ so I thought I could put that to use and teach people through video call or in person tutoring. I used to be an English tutor and tutored two GCSE students so in the UK that’s further education just before college and the reason why I like to do that because I did well when I was studying GCSE and enjoyed the course material. The reason why I decided to be a coach from that is because I’ve got good teaching skills and good interpersonal skills so I thought I could make use of it by creating learning plans and workbooks for people who want to know more about creative writing and poetry.

  1. That Sounds So Good. I Must Say That You Are Great At It. So, My Next Question For You Is That What Are Your Thoughts On The Writing Process?

The Writing Process is very difficult and it always requires you to be a hundred percent committed and in the writing mood. I think that the writing process is something that requires proper mood levels because if not then people who read your work could tell and decipher that you aren’t up to your usual standards so, the writing process is one that you should prepare for and one that you should respect as its own activity because if you are not ready to write a thousand words then the quality of your work isn’t going to be great.

  1. That’s So Useful. Time For The Next Question Now, Have You Ever Experienced Writer’s Block? If Yes, Then How Did You Deal With It?

I had the worst writer’s block for the past few months and I only just managed to get back into it. I feel like dealing with it is not really severe. It’s different for each person. The most important thing is to write it out and not force yourself to write because if you do so, then it becomes a task and when something is a task, it becomes less of a hobby and more of a chore. So, when you experience writer’s block, it’s really important to understand that everybody else has been through the same thing as you and nobody is going to be furious at you, if you don’t write and that includes if you’re a content writer for example or a blog freelancer and you’re on a paid job to write consistently. I think if you have to write everyday then you need to dedicate that task for the day and take it easy for the rest of the day because if you are trying to fit in all the other tasks, it’s not going to work so you just need to prioritize the paid task and then give yourself the rest of the day to just relax and realize that ‘once you have done the task, you will feel accomplished.’

  1. Thank You So Much! That Was So Useful. Now For The Next Question, What Inspired You To Include Fiction In The Publishing Options?

Throughout the whole process of Yellow Scribe, there have been many ups and downs with regards to the fact that we’ve not known exactly what we need to be doing and by that I mean we had a whole range of different clients and projects and the one that everyone has been so passionate about is ‘Fiction’. And the reason why, we decided to focus on this thing that everybody loved the most is because it was very specific and by that I mean when we do posts on the Website and on Instagram, we can appeal to a very specific audience and that is the most important thing when it comes to running a company, knowing exactly who you are trying to appeal to and how you are going to appeal to them. How we found out, how we are going to appeal to them was by sharing hope to writers that were writing fiction and we found that the resources we provide for fiction writing are very tailed to that exact purpose. For instance, If you try to appeal to just writers in general then you have to cover poetry, fiction writing, non – fiction writing, educational writing and everything like that. But now we’ve made a focus on fiction writing. We know exactly what we’re posting, we know exactly what audience we’re appealing to, and it’s far more focused and enjoyable for everybody involved.

  1. Yes! I Totally Agree That Fiction Is An Interesting Genre. So, Now My Next Question, What According To You Makes Fiction An Interesting Genre?

There is one massive reason that makes fiction such an interesting genre is the fact that absolutely nothing is off – limits. There are no boundaries or rules when it comes to fiction writing and the reason why that is important is because you can be as creative as you want and nobody can tell you otherwise because your idea is very likely to fill someone’s needs when it comes to reading a book. So, if someone’s walking through a book store and they have thousands of books to choose from, they are going to locate the one that satisfies their needs and that could be any fiction writer out there in the world. The reason why I find fiction more interesting than non – fiction is because everybody has a chance to write a book and not everybody has a life that they can transcribe into a book and sell millions of copies of. But everybody sure has the skills and creativity to write an interesting fiction book!

  1. That’s Such A Good Thought! Lastly, Since You Are Such An Exemplary Writing Coach, Would You Like To Address The Future Authors And Grace Them With Your Amazing Guidance?

One of the most important things to hear from a writing coach is, that no matter your idea, no matter your concept for your fiction book, there will always be an audience for you, there will always be a group of people who would want to read your ideas and the things that you have to say. So, I think that what I need to tell people is that you should write that fiction book and you should reach out to a coach or consultant and get some guidance on the project you are aspiring to complete because it is a really fun journey to write a fiction book and once it’s done, the designing of the cover, the marketing, the videos you can make to premier your book is such a nice experience so, do it and you won’t regret it!

I guess publishing with Yellow Scribe would be a treat! Thank you very much for sparing your precious time for the interview. We really enjoyed it!

Thank You For Reading!

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