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What would happen to you if you lost everything all at once? What would happen if there is no tomorrow for you anymore? Will you be prepared then? Who are the ones you will say goodbye too? What memories you wanna leave? Do you even wanna be remembered or not at all?. This was all the questions running inside Mai Hall’s mind, a 17 years old girl who extremely talented at playing cello and all at once had to make a decision:  whether to pursue her dreams and go to Julliard and leave her family and her beloved boyfriend, Adam behind or not. But suddenly, that wasn’t the case anymore. However, Mia and her family get into a devastating car crash which immediately kills all of Mia’s family apart from Mia, who is in a coma.

All of her plans and decisions had changed from pursuing her dreams to make the biggest decision of all: to wake up and be reunited with Adam or die and join her family in the afterlife.

While Mia is trying to decide whether to move on or stay she thinks about a lot of things we take for granted, like spending time with family, friends, and significant others.  Essentially, when you’re time comes you don’t care what you did, but who you shared your life experiences with.  At least that’s what I will think about.

Here is what a learned from such an overwhelming, beautiful tragedy:

  1. Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.

  2. People believe what they want to believe.

  3. You can have your wishes, your plans, but at the end of the day, it’s out of your control.

  4.  seventeen is an inconvenient time to fall in love.

  5. Love can make you immortal

  6. Fake it till you make it actually worked.

  7. It doesn’t rain every day. Just every other day.

  8. Dying is easy. Living is hard

  9. Isn’t it amazing how life is one thing and then becomes something else?

  10. Amazing things happen when you stop hiding behind that hulking beast

  11. Your presence can be soothing so long as what you say is soothing

  12. Life is this big, fat, gigantic stinking mess. That’s the beauty of it too

And of course, as I always say ‘If a book makes you cry, it is a good book’; you definitely need to read it even if you are not into drama. It is worth the waste of time and energy. Something there awaits you. Take the one day you have for guaranteed.

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