How To Manage Your Time For Writing?

“Writers when they’re writing live in a spooky, clamorous silence, a state somewhat like the advanced stages of prayer but without prayer’s calming benefits.”

  1. Joy Williams

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article helps you manage your time for writing by highlighting the ways of doing so.

No matter what task you choose to work on, time management is essential. Working for a deadline sure requires time management however, the question is how do we do that? Let me help you.

Prepare A Time Table!

A simple method that allows you to keep track of your daily chores and helps you complete your important task particularly. However, people mostly fail in living up to the schedule and thus, end up disregarding it later. So, if you are a ‘clock’ person or glancing at the watch is your pastime, then you could definitely try this out!

Prepare Sticky Notes!

Well, this can be a solution for not being able to prepare a Time Table. You could stick these notes anywhere around the house as per your ‘notice expectancy’ without having to work on preparing a lengthy time table. This should take a fraction of seconds. You could stick these notes on your refrigerator if kitchen is your all time ‘busy’ spot or perhaps in your room on the mirror if the first thing you do in the morning is ‘adore your beauty!’ 😉 These notes should contain the time of the day suitable for you to write. However, you can follow this if and only if, the notes are scattered in places which are easily noticeable to you and remind you of that task.

Not Coming Up With Excuses To Avoid The Task!

Greatest problem that people tend to experience is ‘formation of excuses.’ Well, the solution to the excuses has been mentioned in my earlier articles so you could perhaps scroll deep down and have a look! Getting back to the topic, you must have the will to begin writing and the strength to avoid temptations that make you form excuses. If you have decided to write at 8pm but shopping is due at the same time then you must have the strength to shun that desire and focus on your important task.

Schedule Your Daily Chores And Complete Them In A Time Limit!

Homemakers who find it difficult to focus on their important tasks, I would suggest them to schedule their daily chores and resolve to complete them in a jotted down time limit which you would prepare. You could create a To – Do list for that and enlist your chores along with the time required for each, and then resolve to complete them on that exact given time. This should help you work on your important tasks as well, including writing. You could station that list at a place noticeable to you.

Set Up An Alarm!

If you are a working woman and don’t find enough time to prepare sticky notes then the easiest thing would be setting an alarm for your important task (which I refer to writing here). Physical alarm clocks are now ancient. All you have to do nowadays is grab your phone, tap the clock option, go to alarms, set your timing and then Fanny’s your aunt, Alarm is all set. You could program the time suitable for you to write. And then voila! A melodious sound should arouse you on that exact given time making you enthusiastic to work on that important task.

Google Calendars Are A Good Option Too!

Google calendars or the inbuilt calendar application in your phone can do the task too. All you have to do is select the day you wish to write on, Give an event name (it could be “writing”), Select the timing and Trust the device completely in order to remind you. Digital mediums have made work so much easier. There are tons of applications including that of the To – Do list and Sticky notes which can help you keep track of your time. However, if you are a writing junkie like me and don’t prefer digital medium then you would definitely prefer manual reminders.

Thus, what exactly matters even after preparing or setting up these reminders is your will to begin. You can’t possibly set an alarm and snooze it multiple times to avoid the task because that makes the ‘Reminder Mission’ unsuccessful. You can’t prepare time tables and sticky notes just for the sake of it and not catch a glimpse of it even once in the entire day! This reaction only makes your efforts to work on your important task futile. So, have the will, have the strength, and resolve to never be overpowered by indolence in order to commence your task. Consider your task more of a duty and then see the effect!

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