How To Help Your Manuscript?

“I proofread not because I am full of doubts, but because my intellect just isn’t satisfied with its ability.”

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Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article discusses everything about helping your manuscript by proofreading it and providing it a good cover.

After completing our manuscript, we tend to be insecure and unsure of the content just ‘inscribed’ in it. That insecurity is natural because that same book, will be read by a large number of audience who shall lay their eyes on it and you would never want to spoil your reputation by allowing errors to remain in the text and foil the mood of genuine readers and Grammar Nazis who can’t tolerate trivial blunders which may cause them to leave a poor review of your book later.

However, proofreading is a simple concept here, to help you out! Proofreading can be done individually or you could choose to consult an experienced person to proofread your content and help you pin point the errors. In case of your book however, it’s good to not take the risk of proofreading it yourself. It is good to approach an experienced person who would be there to guide you all the time.

However, Why Should You Approach An Experienced Person? Well, let me cite some reasons for that. Firstly, since that person is experienced enough, you are sure that the proofreading would turn out well. Secondly, if you try proofreading it yourself, you may miss some of the errors accidentally since your mind has already gone berserk after writing that book and now needs some rest. Thirdly, the process of reading that manuscript all over again, that too individually would definitely be a complex endeavor. After all, you have spent months over that manuscript and are fully aware of the story as it goes. Reading it all over again is enough to doze you off!

About Proofreading!

Let us now learn, what exactly proofreading is! Well, it is a way of structuring your manuscript both structurally and grammatically, so as to ensure that your work is flawless. You must have learnt this by now. An experienced person is someone you rely on for your manuscript who reads it for you (at a reasonable price) and in a matter of days, your manuscript is scintillating enough to get published and hit the shelves.

Thus, in short you receive precious guidance from your exemplary coach who helps you and your manuscript out!

Another Concern – For My Book Cover, To Whom Should I Turn?

“Phew! The manuscript will be proofread, but what about the book cover? I can’t let my book seem unattractive!” Is this question troubling you? Well, yes. I agree that the book cover has an important role to play in the “book’s” life. In order to ensure the success of your book, its cover needs to be extraordinarily creative and should be a pleasant sight to look at. The ‘fortune’ of the book depends upon its cover. However, you need not worry regarding this, because you could get your cover professionally designed as well. Approach an experienced person regarding the same and consult for help. When problems surround, you need guidance around! So, don’t hesitate to look for guidance because your book matters!

Wait! Let me make things easier for you! Now, you don’t have to ‘frantically search’ for guidance and be out of breath! Yellow Scribe has incorporated these services in its Lychee Package.

Yes, the watery fruit that makes chewing it, a heavenly experience as the juices are squirted on the walls of your mouth as you embark on a fruitilicious journey. The package too, is similar to that. You receive wide range of facilities, making you go, “Woow!” Here, Happiness is squirted on the walls of your brain and heart, as you sense the bright future of your book with us! So, want to get your book proofread and provide it a good cover? Consult us, and we are here to make your book rise to shine! All you have to do is, tap the Consultation Button on our official site and get in touch with us!

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