How To Decide On A Book Cover?

Books are Mirrors. You only see in them what you already have inside you.”

  1. Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article talks about that book cover which too has an important role to play after having written your book! Of course, you do not want your book to hit the stores without an attractive book cover, do you?

Graphics or visual images have been appealing to humans since ages. Whenever, we visit a book store and come across an interesting book cover, our inner desire to purchase it doubles! In short, we are tempted to read it! Thus, we can say that a stylish book cover does have an impact on the readers! This makes it important for us to choose a cover that seems revering to the readers. After all, writing is all about putting ourselves in the reader’s shoes, isn’t it?

Do not worry, I will be providing a step by step approach to choosing your book cover through this article.

  1. A Catchy Title Matters

The First step is to complete writing the book and think of a catchy title to your story. One, which by all means accentuates your story. The first thing we observe is the title. In short, the future of your book totally depends on the title you provide it. The more interesting the title, more the readers!

  1. Consider The Genre

The Second step is to consider the genre you chose for it. Does your book deal with Murder Mystery or Action? Or is there a tinge of Romance? Considering the Genre, decide on the cover you would use. For instance, In case of a murder mystery, an abstract image of a dead body with cops around it would do. However, if your book deals with non-fiction or reality, then either an image of the author or any of the characters from the story would be appropriate.

  1. Provide An Image To Your Story

The Third step is pondering over the storyline. A book cover sums up your story graphically. So make sure that your cover is completely relevant to the story. After all, you don’t want your readers to think that they have been duped, do you?

  1. What Will Be The First Impression?

The Fourth step is wondering the first impression of your book on the shelves. As mentioned earlier, a book cover needs to leave a lasting impact on the viewers. After all, first impression is the last impression. In short, a book cover should arouse that alacrity in the audience who come across it. Make them fall in love at first sight!

  1. Do You Choose Abstract Imagery?

The Fifth step is deciding if you want abstract images on the cover. That too would help as long as it appears pleasing to the eyes! However, those abstract images would act as a background to the title you engrave on the cover.

  1. Words Or Images?

The Sixth step is considering whether you want human images on the cover or not? However, this too depends on the genre. If you are writing an inspirational book, then you may choose to engrave some motivational words on the cover. For instance, The Power of Positive Thinking or Subtle Art of giving a F*ck are good examples of inspirational books with captivating covers. Also, you can use your reference or the character you used in the book as a cover. An example of it is, Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom wherein Morrie is a fictional character whose reference has been given in the cover.

  1. What Case Do You Prefer?

The Seventh step is deciding whether you choose the Uppercase or Lower case for the alphabets on your cover. It is however, advisable to go with the Upper case and use a bold font thus, making it easier for the readers to scan the cover in the first glance effectively without having to stress on deciphering the words! Some authors do use a mixture of both Uppercase as well as Lowercase letters to make the cover look intriguing enough. Again, Tuesdays with Morrie is a good example wherein the words ‘Tuesdays’ and ‘With’ are written in the lower case while Morrie is highlighted and brought into the Upper case.

  1. Remember Your Name

The Eighth step is remembering to mention your pen name or original name on the cover. Your name, too has an impact on the purchasing power of the readers. Some authors work under their pen names. Look for a powerful name of you and pen it down! However, if you are highly confident of your name and are sure of its success then don’t bother to change it. Be you!

  1. Summarize For The Back Cover

The Ninth step is preparing a short summary of your story for your back cover which would provide an insight of the story to the readers thereby making them keen enough to purchase it!

  1. Consult Your Nearest Writing Coach

The Tenth step could be consulting your nearest writing coach for some help with the cover and confirm your choice. Once approved, then your book is ready to be published!

Thus, I would conclude stating that a book cover needs to be exceptional and catchy to the eyes! It needs to arouse interest and give a subtle highlight of the story either directly or indirectly. No matter whether you choose imagery or words, just remember to remain interesting!

A Book is a dream you hold in your hands.”

  1. Neil Gaiman

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