How I discovered Writing was my calling…

Writing is a very beautiful talent, but unfortunately most of the time when people try to figure out what their talent is they conventionally think of singing, drawing, acting, or playing sports.

The thought of trying to write is so unlikely to happen, but, like what happened with me, I feel that the urge to write is inside the person who can, and it keeps growing until bursting and exposing itself without us trying to let it out.

It happened with me when my favorite writer passed away. It was so painful for me to acknowledge that he was gone for good and I wouldn’t be able to read for him again. I wanted to share my sorrow with someone but no one appreciated it, so I found myself opening the notes app, and I started to write and and write with a lot of passion blended with sadness, and it turned out to be my first piece ever and after sharing it the feedback made me realize I should write more often!

And I did write and discover my long slumbering talent, and used it so many times to help myself express what I feel, presenting my opinions and being the best version of me.

So in conclusion, discovering your call in writing is not easy but when it happens you’ll find out that this call is your soul saver!


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