How Can Writing Prompts Help You?

“Stay faithful to the stories in your head.”

  1. Paula Hawkins

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article talks about writing prompts and their significance in the life of a writer.

Writing prompts, as the name suggests, are prompt write – ups that require no specific brainstorming over the topic whatsoever. One just goes about jotting possibly anything down in a rapid fire as it crosses their mind. Be it quick notes, quotes or even listing down your feelings and emotions for the day. In short, all sorts of write – ups that do not incorporate critical thought processes and do not require a specific topic to write on, can be termed as writing prompts. We can consider writing prompts as the first step towards effective writing skills. Everything has a beginning after all, doesn’t it?

Here, I will be discussing the relevance of writing prompts to a novice through a step by step approach.

Help Increasing Your Word Count!

Since, writing prompts are short write – ups they help you begin with a short word count, which later must be increased. Thus, it provides you a platform to attaining a high word count later in the future (if you are planning to, of course)

Accelerate Creativity Level!

They help increase your creativity level. When you resort to daily writing prompts, your imagination receives a boost as you start taking down your thoughts to a more creative level. Maybe, you would start interlinking random examples of nature with your life. For instance, Have a heart as vast as the ocean.

Love For Writing!

They acquaint you to the writing process and make it easier for you to begin with their unlimited word count. This habit of jotting down writing prompts on a daily basis would help develop affinity towards the process.

Helps Eliminate Writer’s Block!

For people who experience writer’s block, this is a good initiative. When you begin spreading your thoughts on a sheet of paper, you are far from experiencing a dearth of ideas. The more you write, the more your mind produces fresh ideas and creative imagination which would act as a good source for your future content.

Entertaining Mode Of Writing!

The best part of writing prompts is that you can write them at any time of the day without considering it ‘a daily task’. Instead, it is an entertaining way of entering the writing world. Writing prompts could be simple one liners or two liners. You could increase it with time as you go on loving this process.

Increase The Writing Speed!

Writing prompts could help accelerate your pace in writing. You would start experiencing the flow of words apace. In short, your writing or typing speed would receive a boost since ‘Practice makes perfect’.

Analyze Your Prompts!

You could preserve these prompts in your dairy and analyze them with time. You can observe the change in your content as the time goes by. You could scrutinize the changes in your thought processes. In short, they could help journal your ideas and you could come up with new creative imagination with reference to your ancient writing prompts. You could work on your previously written prompts and try ameliorating them as per your desire.

Recreate Your Prompts!

Writing prompts could be converted into quotes. As mentioned above, analyze your ancient prompts and try recreating them into different versions of literature. You could gradually try your hands on poems and then proceed to short stories as you begin to grasp the concept of creativity much fluently!

Post Your Writing Prompts On Social Media!

You could try publishing your writing prompts or posting them on any social media in order to know their reach and the love they receive. Once you notice the love they receive, it would become easier for you to hop into larger content including writing stories or maybe even publishing a book. Your writing prompts could act as great sources of inspiration or provide sheer bliss to somebody. You never know.

Need Plot Ideas?

Writing prompts are magical sources of creative ideas for your stories. You could refer to them, any time you feel the need to have a specific plot idea.

Genre? Refer To Your Writing Prompts!

Writing prompts could help decipher the genre you would love for your stories by considering the genre you use for your writing prompts. In short, these prompts act as an aperture, welcoming new ideas, new mindset and imagination as you start swimming deeper into them. For instance, if your prompts are fictitious like, ‘the goddess of leaves must be wondering why her subjects have to wither away every autumn’. This means, you are suitable for that particular genre and could proceed with that.

Thus, I would conclude stating that writing prompts are anything that come across your mind and you prefer to jot them down for your sake so as to provide a shape to your thought process. Writing prompts help to open up new ideas, and increase the ambit of imagination thereby making writing a comfortable job. These short write – ups don’t make writing a tedious task, instead help in heating your writing ‘muscles’. However, the correct use of writing prompts is essential in order to gain its benefits. One must journal them and make utmost use of them for the future content. Writing prompts are the most flexible sources of literature with no word limit, no deadline and no stress over their construction. You may not be that creative in the beginning, but you would start attaining perfection as the time flies by with the help of these prompts!

“You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.”

  1. Maya Angelou

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