How can we envision our fictional universe?

Imagining our fictional universe is important.


When writing a story, the aim is to enable the reader’s imagination; you’re creating the image in their head.

So, it’s equally as important for you to know what image you’re trying to convey. Think of it as creating the fantasy world, and then embarking upon describing it for your readers. you have to know what you’re writing before you write it.

So… How can you do this?

Draw it out

You definitely don’t have to be an expert artist. oftentimes, we sketch out exactly what we can see in our heads accurately. This is just for us, though, and you won’t be showing anybody.

Each chapter might convey a different theme, or have a different structure to the one before it. This is a good milestone to sketch out.

Sketch out each chapter on an a4 sheet of paper and add it to your story writing book.

You can also:


Using post-it-notes in your story writing book is a great way of creating items that are easily moveable. by using post-it-notes to list items in your character’s backpack for example will help you stay consistent with your story writing.

You can move post-it-notes around on your pages to keep up with your moving plotline.

Post-it-notes are also awesome because you can colour code them.

You can also use post-it-notes to tag your pages, so you can find them easily.

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