How Can Nature Help With Writing?

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

  1. John Muir

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you with writing and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article deals with the importance of nature and how it impacts us positively into writing.

Nature, as we all know is our very own space, a gift from the almighty, which we never actually cherish. Have we spent even few moments of the day admiring the chirping birds or the lush green trees? Have we ever thought of sitting in the woods and letting the cool breeze stroke our face gently? The answer is NO! We are so busy with the daily routines that we rarely think of nature. The highly digitalized world today has distanced us from nature. However, we mustn’t actually let that happen.

This article shall highlight the Importance of Nature to Writers through a step by step approach.

Complete Focus!

Writing is a creative task which requires solace and eternal peace. One can’t possibly focus in the loud honking of vehicles or your mom occasionally calling out to you or some relatives reaching out to you! Thus, a pleasant environment is what a writer needs!

Boost In Creative Imagination!

Every aspect of nature has something to narrate. Be it the trees or birds. Thus, if a writer sits gazing at them, maybe his ideas and creative imagination would receive a boost, since there isn’t anybody to disturb him.

Eliminates Writer’s Block!

Nature has the power to heal. When close to nature, one is bound to forget all the stress which might be possibly creating a writer’s block. Thus, nature has the power to eliminate all sorts of anxiety and leave you with an optimistic approach which is essential to maintain, when deciding to write.

Want To Attain Spirituality? Approach Nature!

Nature mentors you towards the power of silence. One attains spirituality and feels close to the universe. A day in the lap of nature makes one revere the life one leads. In short, one’s approach towards life changes and buoyancy surrounds. After all, everyone wishes a break from their daily schedules, don’t they?

A Good ‘Me’ Time!

If you are yearning for a ‘Me’ time, then nature is the best environment to dwell in! While exploring nature, you begin to receive thoughts which hadn’t entered your mind previously. Solitude is the reason. This could help in the writing process, because your thoughts have begun racing suddenly!

A New Ray Of Hope!

As the notorious breeze tickles your mind, new ray of hope and new ideas are ushered in! You won’t consider writing, a daily mundane task. Instead, your mind would send you messages to commence writing, as the thoughts in it are flooding! Before your brain zones out, it’s better to pour those thoughts out and ease its burden!

Fuel Towards Achieving Your Goals!

You may consider nature inanimate, but it doesn’t seem so actually. When close to nature, you can feel subtle messages enter your head, which fuel you towards achieving your goals.

Not Limited To The Woods!

Nature can include the blue and sparkling waters or the cottony clouds that soar above or even the beautiful garden in your backyard (only if nobody is home). It totally depends on what makes you feel good. If watching the lashing sea waves at the beach, makes you feel motivated then be it! Just approach your mother nature for the love and encouragement at the earliest possible convenience!

Thus, I would conclude stating that nature is a heavenly gift. We mustn’t ignore it. No matter what task we pledge to complete, approaching the nature makes work easier. Nature provides you encouragement without even a word! It makes you feel optimistic and rekindles your imagination. It is your very own space which awaits your visit. Nature won’t dislike your presence, nor would it set a timing of your visit. It is a selfless and divine environment that makes you feel good and inspired. So, what are you waiting for? Nature is calling you. Receive the call for a great time!

“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.”

  1. Katrina Mayer.

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