How Can Any Write – Up Be Made Interesting?

“You may not write well every day, but you can always edit a Bad Page. You can’t edit a Blank Page.

  1. Jodi Picoult

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article shall mention the key points of making your write – ups interesting.

Your efficiency in writing depends on how frequent you are in the process, as discussed in the earlier articles! The more you write, the more are the windows to creativity opened, and the more imaginative you tend to become! That is exactly what adds flavours to your write – ups. Write with interest in order to increase its worth and value because the dissemination of messages isn’t quite possible when you aren’t interested at all!

Here, I will be jotting down the ways to make your write – ups interesting through a step by step approach.

Interaction Is Satisfaction!

Make your write – ups interactive. Mere descriptions can make reading a boring task and a hard time for your readers!

Include Direct Speech

Include more direct speech in your write – ups. Generally, dialogue formats are appreciated and read with interest.

Provide Evidences!

Provide fool proof evidences for statements that requires them, so that it doesn’t remain a mystery for your readers and they don’t end up leaving the content midway!

Vulgar Or Slang? NOOO!

Don’t add vulgar or slang terms that could make reading uncomfortable. Make sure that you use respectful and polite language.

Add Descriptions Whenever Needed!

Add descriptions to tasks and events mentioned in your write – ups so that nothing seems vague and people understand the context and concepts clearly!

Include Creativity!

Add creative twists to your write – ups or play with words creatively so that people enjoy reading them. You could add puzzling instances or metaphors or personified instances for better effect!

Make Your Write – Ups Short!

Try to indulge in creative writing thereby making your write – ups short and sweet. Be up to the point and don’t explain or describe excessively. Remember to be laconic, that is express more in less words!

Include Graphics And Other Literary Options!

Include interesting quotes, pictures, proverbs and anything that pertains to the topic. Graphics enhance the quality of your write – ups.

Stick To The Topic!

When explaining, stick strictly to the topic and don’t go astray. Some people tend to forget the topic and go about explaining a different story pertaining to it which isn’t actually necessary! It is advisable to avoid such kind of approach as that could bemuse the readers!

Provide Illustrations!

Provide illustrations whenever and wherever required because that helps make concepts clearer to the readers without them having to stress on their meanings.

Incorporate Questions!

Incorporate questions in your write – ups so that readers could self – answer them and feel keen to read more of your content.

Add Emotions!

Try adding a tinge of humour to your write – ups. That would definitely hook your readers to the content! In short, I would suggest that you add all sorts of emotions to your content, in order to make it interesting!

Provide Good Beginnings And Conclusions!

Try providing good beginnings and conclusions to your write – ups. In the conclusion, sum up the entire content including just the key points. Try to make the conclusion short.

Thus, I would conclude stating that write – ups seem interesting when they are short and easier to read. Readers always tend to enjoy content that is short but provides deep messages within. Content that leaves an impact through its words always seems interesting. So, how are you going to make your write – ups interesting?

“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.”

  1. Beverly Cleary

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