How Can A Writing Coach Help You?

I’m an expressive writing coach, and an expressive writer. I write my own prescriptions. I write to heal, not for anything else…or for anyone’s appeal.”

  1. Nzima Hutchings

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Today’s article highlights the relevance of a writing coach. Everybody requires a mentor. No matter what area of study we choose or what profession we are in, a coach or a trainer always has an important role in introducing us to that particular section fully and making us professionals in that field. A writing coach, as the name suggests, trains you towards effective writing skills. They act as perfect mentors to beginners in writing. We all possess certain Achilles’ heel which may act as a drawback, resulting in the downfall of our writing career. However, thanks to the writing coaches who train us appropriately and help fulfill our dream of publishing that book!

Here, I will be jotting down the ways a writing coach can contribute to the writing process.

Complete Motivation!

They motivate you against all odds. When black clouds of doubts accrue, writing coaches appear as a ray of light from the sunshine to encourage you to begin and keep going until you reach the peak of success!

Help In Selecting The Topic!

A Writer faces many struggles. He may be unaware of coming up with a good topic for his story. No worries, your writing coach will train you, encourage you, instill in you the passion and hint you towards choosing your topic of interest.

Eliminate The Fear!

A Writer may fear that his work isn’t good enough. Doubts act as perfect disruptions for writers. However, it is a common phenomenon. So don’t worry! Your writing coach is just a phone call away from you. Speak to your writing coach honestly regarding your problem and then wait for a satisfactory answer!

Check On Your Vocabulary!

Your vocabulary may not be good enough which is posing as a barrier to your dream of publishing a book! However, your writing coach shall lift that barrier effectively. Writing coaches efficiently mentor you towards good communication, pronunciation and grammar skills by introducing worksheets and video calls which make learning interesting.

Rejection Shouldn’t Lead To Dejection”

After writing your book with efforts equivalent to the size of an elephant, you send the manuscript to the publisher only to receive a letter of rejection. This makes you feel dejected and you no longer feel the need to continue or probably you choose to abandon writing as a whole. However, this isn’t the reaction expected here. That is when your writing coach enters the picture. She inspires you and explains you the importance of learning from mistakes. You are expected to analyze your manuscript and then make the necessary changes. If possible, you can consult your writing coach and lay before her the manuscript and request her to look for the blunders hidden. She, as a good mentor would definitely help you out! Thus, feedbacks from your writing coach always come in handy!

Some More Help With Writing?

Putting aside the struggles, a writing coach has other uses too. She can help with literary devices, poetic devices and almost everything related to writing. A novice in writing doesn’t have to feel inferior or left out. That’s exactly the reason, writing coaches exist! They are here to fulfill your inner potential and to drive you towards your ultimate goal. So do not be hesitant to contact them whenever necessary.

Stuck In The Publication Process?

A Writing Coach can help you with the publication process as well. If you successfully completed writing the book and need help with self or vanity publishing, then your writing coach can come to the rescue. Be it E-book or paperback, any type of book shall be published. A phone call to your coach and excitement to have your book on the shelves is all it takes!

Help With The Trivial Of Matters!

A Writing Coach can help you with the trivial of things, including deciding on a book cover, helping you in deciding your word count goal and deciding on a suitable plot for your story. All the themes and topics that bemuse you, don’t actually disturb the writing coach. So, if you are looking for a complete package of assistance then your investment in hiring a writing coach shall always be beneficial!

Thus, I would conclude stating that, a writing coach provides assistance and guidance needed to write. The key to reaching success in a particular task is initiating that task in the first place. Then, come the efforts and hard work following abreast. A person who fears commencing this amazing art, gets complete help from the writing coach. Trust your writing coach wholeheartedly and confide into her truthfully. Don’t let any question stay at the tip of your tongue. Let it slide out and wait for a mind boggling answer from your writing coach. If your dream is banging the ribs surrounding your brain, then don’t suppress it. Instead, look for a solution. Everything in life requires certain amount of guidance. But writing is made easier, as we are assigned complete help and support. Why lag behind? Why hesitate? Let us revive our dream and reach the peak of success!

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”

  1. William. H. Gass

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