Her Secret Wild Lifestyle by Natalie Ann

Natalie's Story

Natalie Ann, from South England, felt her life had taken too many twists and turns for it to not be documented in paperback. What an excellent decision that was, because this was the first of many successful and fun projects with self-publishing clients.

By leading an exciting and interesting life, Natalie admits she has made some mistakes. However, by looking at this from a positive perspective she can offer a good example to her children by being open and honest about it.

The Self-Publishing Process

Not familiar with the self-publishing process, nor how to sell her book, Natalie decided to self-publish through YellowScribe, and here's what she had to say about the process.

Natalie began by showing us what she had. By compiling all of her work into a word document, all Natalie needed was proofreading, editing and formatting. She also decided to design her cover with YellowScribe.

After reading through the manuscript, we could tell this meant a great deal to Natalie. She had shared intimate secrets in a raw way and we knew others would learn from her lessons. Natalie had set a stark example for how women can live when they have bipolar disorder.

Natalie gave us some suggestions such as fonts, chapter titles and font sizings. When self-publishing, it's always important to ensure the book is a reflection of the author's personality as well as their story.

The Book Cover

When designing the book cover, Natalie had a brief concept of what she wanted - something with a pink/red colour and a split between a photograph of her eyes. We decided this was an awesome idea, and by donning the idea of creativity and the Vision, Creativity, Vibrance, Execution motto at YellowScribe we decided to play around a lot.

Natalie looked over the drafts - some were pink and some red, some even grey. Natalie instantly loved the title fonts and how they contrasted, so that was final. Natalie sent through multiple photos of her real eyes, so to conceal her identity we blurred the eyes and added a grain on the right side to represent her bipolar personality accurately.

Natalie fell in love with this concept and the paper tears on the front, too. They represented a brash nature, yet also how she was organised. We decided this was the one.

The Final Result

As a happy customer of YellowScribe, now a brand management agency which is no longer focused on self-publishing services, Natalie ordered copies of her book for family and friends. Her family relishes in the confidence that they now knew what had gone on in Natalie's life, and it no doubt brought them closer.

Natalie lives a content and hopeful life, of what is to come in the future. Writing this book has helped her get the things off her chest, and to have it out in the open is relieving in itself. We're glad to have helped Natalie achieve one of her dreams - to have a book to call her own.

We'd like to thank Natalie for her time and patience as our first ever self-publishing client, and wish her a bright and happy future as the strong mother she is.

Please note that YellowScribe now only provides Brand Management services and does not help self-publishing authors anymore. However, you can check out our Pineapple Package for help selling your book!