Ghostwriting & Journalism - Conspiracy Circle

The Ethos

Conspiracy Circle, founded by Darren Kent, is a 'news' and conspiracy theory website, where he shares thoughts and journalistic-style articles sharing information and supposed facts. Of course, with this kind of journalism, comes a risk for false information and incorrect biases. Throughout the course of our work together, we completed some fun projects including research on many topics such as evolution, the British monarchy, and US history.

Darren is publishing the book, The Shocking Truth soon.


When Ghostwriting for Darren, I had fun researching through the different topics he sent over. Darren gave me links to documentaries that I could take notes on, and many of them opened my eyes - although I do not believe in any of the conspiracy theories I wrote about. Writing in a succinct manner whilst maintaining the reader's focus was my intention - and through careful and meticulous research, we were able to provide enough information as to not bias the reader either way.

The Ghostwriting process was smooth and fast. Darren sent through his requirements and the appropriate topic for research and I sent the work back with a turnaround of 24 hours with sources cited in the footer.


In our broad scope of work at YellowScribe, journalism was included (although no longer is). With Darren and Conspiracy Circle, we used our journalistic experience to write in-depth and interestingly about the various theories Darren suggested. After a short while, we were able to formulate our own topic ideas; we had gotten an idea of what Darren liked and he was happy with the quality of work we provided to him for such an affordable price. We wrote on topics such as the Illuminati and the Royal Family, speculating 'Prince Harry's real father' and other such topics of controversy.

To conclude our project together

The experience I, Kaitlyn, gained through working with Darren was immeasurable. Working with a gentleman like Darren taught me punctuality, formality and how to properly use Google Docs, too! I think that in the future I'm glad we aren't working with clients to write and provide journalistic style articles because my passion is design and creative endeavours - this just didn't seem like my calling. But, that being said, Darren was an excellent client to work with and was always beyond happy with my fast work and quality of substance.

Darren Kent was great to work with and I can only wish him the best for his book and website, and hope it gains the traction he deserves.