Gentle Growth by Payaswani Dixit

Payaswani's Story

In Summer of 2020, Payaswani Dixit decided to self-publish her debut paperback and ebook with YellowScribe. After years of writing beautiful poetry in notebooks and on typewriters, pressing flowers to decorate her pages and stamping her letters with a wax press, she decided to make her mark in the paperback community. The book was released June 11th, 2020.

Dixit is rated #675 in Canadian Poetry and #56,172 in Personal Transformation Self-Help and has an average rating of 4.5 stars on her book Gentle Growth. That's impressive.

Along with publishing her book, Payaswani received proofreading, editing and formatting for her paperback and ebook with YellowScribe. It has been a pleasure to work with Payaswani and to enable her to bring her book to the world - where it has been read thousands of times by many, many people.

The Process

Our course was six weeks long, and Payaswani and I met bi-weekly for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday. We began with assessing her goals and struggles with the book - and I noted these things down in our calendar for future planning. I planned out our six weeks and briefed Payaswani via Google Docs, a platform we appreciate greatly.

After this, Payaswani showed me what she had already. After collecting around three quarters of her goal amount of poems, she would then go away to find the rest for us to use in our editing document. After finding all of her poems, we had the collection.

We then went on to format the book along with the beautiful interior black and white printed designs on some poems. Payaswani curated the images carefully because we didn't want to over-do the images.

Since Payaswani felt closely connected to her work of art, we made sure to make the cover just how she envisioned, along with choosing a serif font for the interior of course to complement the front cover and themes within. Payaswani also took a liking to the font we chose I hypothesize, partly because it resembles the font of a typewriter. I can't blame her - it looks beautiful.

The Cover

I shan't take any credit for the cover in this project - it was all Payaswani. She's apt with Canva, a program we use for graphic design, and wanted to take complete creative control over the cover. This is something I wholeheartedly encourage; there's nothing better than seeing a client flourish their creative skills and put to paper (or in this case, screen) what they picture in their mind.

Payaswani designed the most beautiful cover which we have had many compliments on. With three vertical butterflies in a thin black outline, the cover remains simple yet represents the growth of a beautiful butterfly - which was once cocooned.

The Final Product

Our final stage, and most favourite at that. The printing and viewing of the beautiful yellow paperback. The print was hardback in Canada, something that they're very lucky for. In other countries, it was printed in paperback.

To summarise, Payaswani was a gem to work with. Such a kind and gentle personality, she was always open to ideas and thankful for the process we went through together. I hope Payaswani has fun in the future with her paperbacks, and I wish her nothing but success in her future career.

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