Create a mind-blowing book with Yellow Scribe

At Yellow Scribe, our team boasts the incredible skillsets we have as a collaborative team. Each member of Yellow Scribe has their own specific role, and we all come together to create something beautiful.

Some of Yellow Scribe’s recent publications

We’re coaches – which means we specialise in the courses and what they include. The publication process looks like a mountain, if you were to put it on paper. We help you get from one side to the other, with help climbing the mountain.

We’re writers…

Kaitlyn Pibernik is a writing coach and will guide you through the 6-week course or alternatively, our shorter 90-minute course. This includes writing your very first paragraph, to polishing off your book at the end of the 6 weeks.

We’re creatives…

Fairouz ElBarakawy is a creativity coach with Yellow Scribe, and she knows what it takes to create an amazing book, from conceptualising your idea to putting your pen to the paper.

How does it work?

Yellow Scribe is a publishing company founded back in 2015, and we pride ourselves on presentation, beautiful books, and a happy customer.

Here’s how it works

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