Conversation With A Fiction Book!

“Fiction, because it is not about somebody who lived in the real world, always has the possibility of being about oneself.”

  1. Orson Scott Card

Welcome to The Daily Buzz, Yellow Scribe’s daily writer’s blog. We’re here to help you write and most importantly – publish that book! Today’s article is a conversation with a fiction book. You can consider it, a sort of an interview. We asked some common questions to the book, which honestly responded as follows. So, without wasting any more time, let us begin.

  1. Hello, Since You Are A Fiction Book, What Are Your Expectations To Becoming A Best Seller?

I just need complete creativity and imagination. The writer needs utmost passion and patience when commencing me. It is usually a hard task to write fiction, but I am not that very complex, if imagination is a part and parcel of your life. In order to make me a best seller, the writer needs to make use of extremely unique imaginative concepts that may force the readers to think more about them. They must add characters which have no existence record whatsoever. However, those characters should be apart from the ones that people are acquainted with already, like robots, aliens, mermaids and fairies. The ‘unique’ factor is what makes me a best seller.

  1. That Was Informative. So, My Next Question To You Is, That How Do We Come Up With Such Unique Fictional Characters That You Suggested?

It isn’t that hard. When you brainstorm over the already present entities, you could create your own one from them. Like, it is easy to blend two existing mythological characters and amalgamate them into something fictitious. The thing is, not to worry about the character making sense. Fiction is all about being ‘senseless’ 😉

Perfect senseless examples are birds and animals chatting their hearts out, in most of the animated cartoons. That too is fiction, isn’t it?

  1. That Sounds Impressive. My Next Question Is That, Can Fiction Comprise Horror As Well?

Of course, it can. Why not? Aren’t ghosts themselves fictitious? However, they are a renowned mythological concept. You could always create fictional characters who encounter the ghost of a mermaid or of a witch. So, a writer could make the ghosts extremely fictitious by incorporating other existent entities, as I stated earlier. Also, aren’t there horror stories with fictional forthcomings in the text? That is me! So, yes fiction can include horror since it has a great ambit in writing.

  1. Okay! So, What Is The Ambit Of Fiction?

It has a profound ambit in literature because most of the writers resort to fictional stories when writing books. Fiction has the power to generate extremely unique characters which would be unquestionable and uncontroversial for the audience. This is because, it is accepted that fiction as a genre allows the creation and dismantling of any object or character whatsoever. This makes it extremely convenient to try your hands on any fictitious and illogical story you can think of, because you need not worry about being rational here. However, the occurrences of incidents needs to pertain to reality and shouldn’t be extremely preposterous.

  1. Finally, As A Fiction Book, Do You Wish To Address The Future Writers?

Yes, certainly. To all the future writers, when you write fiction, make sure that your content is relevant though senseless. Don’t consider fiction as a hard task. Yes, imagination is mandatory here and the more creative you are, the more popular are you. While being a couch potato, when some random thought brushes through your mind and helps you weave a great fiction story then promptly write that thought down. Relax, and don’t set a time limit or deadline when writing fiction because that will only make matters worse. Fiction needs enough time and energy to work on. So, best of luck dear writers. Publish your own fiction book at the earliest with Yellow Scribe. Happy Writing!

Thank you for your time, Mr. Fiction.

Thank You For Reading!

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