Complete Rebrand - World of Waffles

Updated: Feb 22

World of Waffles' Story

WOW is a small business based in Basingstoke, UK. They make and deliver delicious waffles with a range of toppings and sauces. They have a large following on both Instagram and Facebook, and a loyal and dedicated customer base. Kayleigh, the owner, relies on internet marketing and word of mouth as well as branded stickers to sell her products which can be delivered by her team.

The logo

Kayleigh was able to provide us with her old logo, which she designed herself. She was aware that some changes would need to be made in order to make the logo stand out, and look fresh and modern. We took this into consideration, but didn't hold back when adding the finishing touch.

We added a heart shaped waffle to complement the pink theme that Kayleigh had chosen, and she loved it. The font used in the old design was similar to 'Lobster' so we used that font to bring across some similarity. We remembered how Kayleigh wanted something similar to her old logo.

The cover photo

By designing the cover photo, we wanted to include useful information for the business. This was the contact number and the days WOW are open - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5pm to 8pm.

We also added icons to make customers aware they can follow WOW on Facebook and Instagram.

After sending the cover photo to Kayleigh, she said this:

In Summary

Working with Kayleigh has been an absolute pleasure and I hope we can work together again in the future. She is a kind and warm person, and has great attention to detail with her amazing customer service. I wish her the best with World of Waffles, and hope she gets the sales she deserves.

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