Complete Rebrand - Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany's Story

Tiffany Thompson is a yoga teacher and wellness coach based in Nevada, USA. We began working together near the end of January 2021, and Tiffany has invested in a range of services truly geared towards upgrading her personal brand, Tiffany Thompson Yoga and Wellness.

Tiffany needed a website, social media post design and scheduling, banner design, colour palette design, and font configuration. We had an introduction call and couldn't wait to get started. A week later, we had our kickstarter call.

The Website

Tiffany wanted a fluid, zen-themed website. Our goal here was to create a relaxed environment for Tiffany's customers to book in with her, using soft colours and a tranquil theme of stacked rock vectors on some of the pages.

To add to the 'gentle' mood we were going for, transitional animations were added to each page so each element softly fades into view. This presents the page to the viewers' eye gently, as opposed to be being there one second - and gone the next.

Alongside the theme of the website, it is also functional. Tiffany now has a payment option on her Class Yoga page, allowing her customers to book in and send the money through PayPal. On the Yoga page, there is a form with questions chosen by Tiffany - questions she wants to know the answers to before she hops on a consultation call with her client. A form takes the faff out of the initial interaction, and helps maintain professionalism. It's good to be prepared.

On the coaching application page, a similar form is present to collect similar information pertinent to Tiffany's coaching processes.

To find out more about website design & development, click here.

Social Media Post Design

As aforementioned, as well as website development, Tiffany wanted to experiment with post scheduling with YellowScribe. After a detailed call to assess what colours Tiffany wanted along with her content, which she emailed over, we got to designing her posts one by one. Then, the posts were scheduled to the days she wanted, with their captions written professionally by us - geared towards her target audience. We researched and added the applicable hashtags.

To find out more about social media management, click here.

Logo design

Tiffany already had a logo, however, she designed it herself and knew it could be improved. She kindly asked us to keep it the same, but change it also. We took this information and produced a polished version of her logo - keeping it similar to the original. She was very happy.

This is the logo we came up with.

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To summarise

Working with Tiffany has been an excellent experience and being able to brand such an established and well-versed coach and teacher is a great honour. We hope to continue working with Tiffany in the future and have confidence that the work we have done together will benefit her brand visibility online.

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