Complete Rebrand - Freshly Squeezed

Freshly Squeezed in a Nutshell

Freshly Squeezed Water Systems Ltd. is a one-man-band, run by a gentleman called Matt Hobbis. The company is based in Fleet, UK. Matt has been managing director for quite some time, and before him, the company was owned by somebody else. Matt had taken on the old website which he didn't oversee the creation of - and therefore, he couldn't access it to change it or take ahold of the domain name.

Freshly Squeezed supply and install water purification units - they work using a process called 'Reverse Osmosis'.

Matt needed the full rebrand. A logo refresh, because he wanted it to stay the same. Social media page setup to increase brand visibility online. A website creation from scratch, because his old website (designed with outdated HTML) used unattractive design techniques along with an outdated flash player which incorrectly displayed a blank message rather than a widget displaying information.

Firstly, a Logo Refresh

As aforementioned, Matt wanted to keep his logo. But, in most cases, he didn't have a high quality render of it which limited design on things such as business cards and brochures, as well as uniform and website design where the logo had to be blown up.

We decided to make an overlay of the original logo to maintain the exact shape of it, and deleted the layer underneath. What was left, is the logo you see today. A crisp, fresh and more modern rendition of the blurry original logo, which was created a good ten years ago (or more!)

Social Media Setup

After designing our logo, we could then apply it to our social media pages. We uploaded it to our pages to form a cohesive brand image across the staple social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Then, we wrote and configured the 'bio' of the page (the short field for a description) along with adding the new domain in as the clickable link.

Social media forms the basis of a company online and determines how modern or responsive a company is. Without social media, people will struggle to see personality behind your brand.

With scheduled and thought-out posts, you can rest assured that your audience is getting a steady flow of content from you, and therefore sees you as a credible company of quality and expertise.

The Website

After gathering information about the company and how it operates, we began designing the website to how we thought Matt would like it. As soon as Matt saw the website, he was in awe of how much he liked it. It was a good feeling to say the least, for a client to be shocked at how happy they are with your service. After setting up his online shop and his products along with their product photos, we designed and printed business cards & brochures.

Business Cards and Brochures

Matt needed one more thing: Business Cards and Brochures. We print our business cards with either Canva or VistaPrint, and with this project we chose Canva. Canva is known for its awesome high quality printing products and its fast turnaround along with an affordable price.

Matt ordered 50 of each and was very happy with how they turned out. We added a QR code to the back of the brochures so customers could scan on their phones and be taken to his website.

To conclude

Matt is an excellent businessperson to work with. A bubbly personality and an open mind when it comes to technology he doesn't use often, makes him a great client to work with. Matt is a current client, still, and we hope his company brings him the sales he deserves. We have no doubt our complete rebrand will give him just the traction he needs to keep those customers loyal.