Complete Rebrand - Corporate Engineering Ltd.

Updated: Mar 10

Corporate Engineering's Story

Corporate Engineering, also known as GRP Covers, is a manufacturing company with its factory in Silchester, South of England. Corporate Engineering's CEO, Sam McCoy, has owned the company since 1995 - in 2017, we began working together on their branding, website, and visual marketing. Since then, Corporate Engineering has been a loyal and reliable customer with YellowScribe Brand Management services.

Designing and manufacturing, in house, odour containment covers made out of glass reinforced plastic since 1995 - Corporate Engineering have a large body of factory staff whom spray, mould, and finish the GRP covers ready for delivery to their client's project space. Corporate Engineering are also experts in fitting and securing these covers, which are fitted with safety rails and grills for maximum security and safety.

The Project

The project with Corporate Engineering began in 2017, when the company needed a new website. We went ahead and suggested a logo change, too, to accommodate for a fresher look on the website when the logo needed to be blown up. Corporate Engineering already has uniform printed and worn by staff, due to their large staff body. This rebrand needed to work around the fact that the logo couldn't change.

As well as website and logo refreshing, Corporate Engineering's Sales Manager, Gavin Brown, was open to the idea of expanding on social media. We continued to speak about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Finally, 2021 was the year that Gavindecided to release a quarterly newsletter, of course with YellowScribe. We decided this was the best course to take to communicate with their large customer base, of which we imported into the Newsletter Program. Their first newsletter launched on the 20th February 2021.

A refreshed Logo

Reluctant to change their logo, YellowScribe refreshed their old logo which was only available in a low quality png file. The logo originally looked like this:

To the left is the original logo, which isn't terrible. They had established their brand colours with a professional who, in turn, designed their logo. They did not, however, have alternatives in other colour combinations or options for print. All brochures had been printed with a grainy, small logo. We knew we had to fix this.

The new logo resembled the old logo in every way, down to the font we used (Brody) and the base font remaining in the same sans serif style as the original. After consulting staff for logo ideas, they suggested using the dark blue which is present in uniform and brochures, as well as the colour on the billboard on the front of the building. We added the dark blue with the lighter blue beneath, and they loved it.

A whole new Website

Corporate Engineering hadn't changed its website since 2009 when the old IT manager left. The company was left with no access to their website nor their domain - leaving it abandoned and outdated. It was not a good representation of their company or their brand. Corporate Engineering runs on an energetic and exciting staff, and this site simply didn't convey that.

The site was coded in outdated HTML, and the site didn't display certain things due to times changing and browsers updating. The site needed a new domain, a new layout, and much more updated content.

We spent a few months gathering case studies, photographs, schematics, measurements and specifications. After this, we wrote articles and posts for the case studies area of the site. We designed the home page and sent it off to the Managing Director and Sales Manager, who then passed it around to staff for a third opinion. They loved it.

After pressing publish, the site was live. It looks like this:

Social Media Pages

After completing the website, we moved onto social media pages. Corporate Engineering management were not familiar with social media - so they were open to suggestions from YellowScribe.

We decided to configure Corporate Engineering on all major platforms to increase brand visibility and branding. We configured Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The branding across all platforms is consistent and uniform and forms a cohesive image for the company online.

The Newsletter

Finally, the newsletter which was released on the 20th February 2021. Releasing a newsletter is a large step for any company, but for Corporate Engineering it was even larger. Since their start date, Corporate had never actively reached out on a mass communications project to their clients. Perhaps an email or two, sent to prospective clients or past clients, but nothing to this scale.

In the newsletter, we rounded up updates within the company and targeted clients for the company's pitched covers (their best selling GRP cover) so they knew the details and could potentially forward this to other staff/people interested in the cover.

After importing the contacts to our platform, we proceeded to get the information from Gavin Brown which was to be included in the newsletter. Brown summarised the important information and sent over certificate images and text, along with high resolution images to go with each section of text.

We added the company's blue colour and, of course, the logo for continuity. Dividers were used to add space between subjects in our newsletter's format, in the same blue colour.

To end the newsletter, we provided social links to take modern clients to the social media pages. Building a brand as well as a social following is imperative at YellowScribe. As well as this, we added a contact number as well as Brown's email to follow through with any clients that showed interest.

To summarise

To conclude our project with Corporate Engineering Ltd., which is still thankfully ongoing, we would like to note how responsive and modern this excellent company is. GRP covers are a niche product for high-ticket clients, and the company has done an exceptional job at maintaining its visibility in the market along with providing a quality and fast service. Alongside this, its factory staff are happy and good at their craft, some having worked there for over 20 years. It's safe to say that this ever-growing business will stay afloat in the manufacturing industry, and we can only wish they continue their work with us.

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