Complete Rebrand - Ashford Hill Construction

An introduction to Ashford Hill Construction

AHC are a family-run business operating in Newbury and its surrounding areas. They cover a range of domestic extensions and new builds, to a wide variety of commercial and industrial construction projects. AHC have worked on various overseas projects such as the Rafael de Cárdenas Pool Pavilion featured in The Architectural Digest, a stunning Villa in the South of France laying brickwork and tiling, and Mosaic work at Vitality Spa in Hampshire, England.

Our Project

As AHC are a modern and innovative company covering a wide scope of projects, we needed to convey professionalism and modernity at the business. With this in mind, we audited the old logo and found out they liked the gold effect, which added warmth and character. We suggested a change - a stark white outline along with a more modern, white font. This is their old profile photo (and logo, since there wasn't one).

As we can observe, there's nothing immediately wrong with the logo. However, when we looked at it from a branding perspective, there were no print alternatives to this logo nor any abbreviated versions to create logos, favicons, or profile photos with. This can be limiting, due to the fact that favicons and some print won't be legible with this much wording.

We were made aware that AHC wanted to abbreviate their name, but they had no professional to design their logo for them. They got frustrated and settled with this gold logo but had to screenshot it from the free online design program, lowering its quality.

Maintaining the black background as to not veer off the original too much, we decided to add a chimney to the design to add back the character that we lost when removing the gold.

We flattened the image, adding very minimal effects on the wording (which is of course only visible on the white version).

They were very happy with the new font we chose, we all came to the agreement that it was far more modern than the last one, which helped convey professionalism.

The Story Graphics

Of course, at YellowScribe we go all the way. As part of this project, we made sure to design story graphics to go along with the header image and profile photos. This story graphic included the same colours, the logo (in two different colour combinations) and basic information about the company, as well as the contact number and email address.

The cover image

Along with these graphics, our rebrand wouldn't be complete without a cover image. This included all of the important information (contact number, email, logo) with a previous project in the background. Then, we centralised the logo and details to make the banner accessible on mobile, laptop, iPad, etc.

To summarise

It's a fun experience to mix up our client base, experimenting with different industries and workplaces. This project was fun to work on with the AHC team because they're modern and open to ideas - such as the chimney and font change and colour change! We hope to work with this company and other construction companies in the future because we know we have a lot of value to bring to the industry with our unique and creative approach to branding.

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