Chill out and Cheer up by Grace Grossmann

Grace's Story

Grace Grossmann is a yoga teacher and wellbeing coach based in Berlin, Germany. Originally, she is from England but travelled to Germany to pursue her passions. Grace holds a diploma of Professional Study for Complete Nutrition For All at KEW Academy. She also holds a certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching from the Raw Horizons Coaching Academy.

The Project

By assessing our project together - it looked like Grace had the foundations of her business set up. Her products, goal, ethos and credibility were all firmly established. The only thing lacking at that point in time seemed to be a solid brand image across her social media platforms. That problem didn't last long, because we quickly formulated a plan to get her out of the situation she was in.

Firstly, we looked at Grace's manuscript for her book. This was a simple task - Grace let us know it was finished and she only needed to add things such as the introduction and some extra images which we applied to the manuscript with no fuss.

The cover

The cover was a fun task in itself because Grace allowed us total creative freedom. Grace said she wanted a yellow theme, and with the knowledge that she loves sunflowers, we created her this:

Grace fell in love with the cover instantly, and we didn't have much trouble deciding on the small details such as the blurb or the other content above or below. You can purchase the book here.

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Google Page Configuration

Google page configuration is important for displaying your credibility online - and by verifying your address, google will add a verification tick on your Google Profile. Click here to read about our Google Page Configuration Services.

We created Grace's Google Page, verified it and added her business information. We then added her contact number and business email to direct customers to the correct place. Finally, we added her website for a quick and easy way for clients to read more if they wanted to.

Website Development

Grace's website was 95% complete, but it was missing some important things. Graphic design was a service we employed to ensure her website was performing efficiently, effectively, and looked appealing to the eye.

Here is what the site looks like now.

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In summary

Grace is a lovely person to work with. From responsiveness, to being an open-minded and understanding person, she is a great businessperson. We'd like to thank Grace for working with us, and for trusting us with her book. We hope Grace gets the sales she deserves, and has earned, with her excellent book.