Brand Management - Tadley Environmental Group

An introduction to Tadley Environmental Group

Tadley Environmental Group (TEG) is a team of volunteers, made up of local residents and councillors who want to encourage and support people to make informed decisions about how we can work together to protect our home and our planet. Tadley is a small town in South England, and they have been conscious about their carbon footprint for quite some time. With some extra hands during the lockdown, the townspeople were able to get together their resources and put a plan into action to better their environment.

The project

TEG is a relatively new group, and in February 2021 gathered the resources along with an amazing social media manager to expand their group. The goal is to raise awareness of the group in Tadley - so that more people can come together to be conscious of their carbon footprint in and around their homes. The project is a grassroots group, with minimal branding - of course, because the focus is getting the word out there and not the image on our screens.

At this point, TEG is ready to expand. This project includes profile photo and logo design; cover images for all social media platforms; 'story' templates in a range of colours; font selection; and an elaborate colour palette to encompass all aspects of the group.

Profile photos & logos

To begin with, we selected a font for the logos which appeared formal yet informal - to represent the humanity of the group, whilst demonstrating that we stand for change.

We went for these colour combinations.

The cover images

For the cover images, we decided to stay on brand by taking our colours and putting them across the top of our social media pages - using the space to add some helpful information. These are the two we have designed so far.

The colour palette & fonts

For our colour palette, we knew we wanted a selection of both dark and light shades in the same colour. For a pop of colour, we added the colour 'tangerine' for use in some designs that we wanted to stand out.

Story template design

We designed story templates so that on Facebook and Instagram, the admins can all use the same graphics. This is super important for continuity, and for showing our audience and group members that we're dedicated for the long term, for TEG.

In summary

To close, TEG is a group that we're connected with, both on projects and in the community. Tadley is a brilliant town full of dedicated residents and councillors - and we're honoured to be one of the first fifteen members. We will make change.

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